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Weekly Summary Of Mystic Investigations Cases
« on: February 01, 2013, 01:02:40 PM »
Rebecca, and Julia had what seemed to be a simple case of finding out if a man was cheating on his wife who hired us.  It turns out the sicko had a harem of women under his magical spell since he was a Warlock.  Luckily he was a low level practitioner of magic that Rebecca was able to handle.  Drake, and Ashley cleaned out a cave full of vampire bats that were terrorizing a neighborhood.  Elizabeth, Rob, and I investigated a haunted inn.  There were two violent poltergeists who were dispatched with extreme prejudice.  Hunter, and Zack took down a gang of nefarious Los Angeles drug thugs looking to gain a toe hold in Woodland Springs.  Father Tom, and Duanna dealt with a girl possessed by a demon.  It was pretty much a normal week here at Mystic Investigations! :) 

In addition Sheriff Blake Maverick announced he would not enforce any Federal gun bans, or any other unconstitutional laws for that matter.  He vowed to protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States Of America.  After his news conference he received numerous threats.  Most of our team was temporarily deputized, and we along with his regular deputies looked into the various incidents.  He is the only law enforcement that believes in the world of the supernatural, and has referred numerous cases to us.  There was one particularly pathetic incident of a misguided man who threw a cream pie in Maverick's face while screaming,"Peace Forever!  Down With All Wicked Weapons!"  We tracked the thirty something on again, off again college student, Unemployment collector, and self-professed master of Dungeons And Dragons Larping (Live Action Role Playing) to his parents basement on the outskirts of Woodland Springs.  It seems he's been the instigator for many incidents of vandalism, and threats against those who believe in the 2nd amendment.  We enlightened him to the freedoms in the Constitution along with introducing him to the real world of the paranormal.  Drake, and Rebecca in particular set him straight.  Now that he realizes the threat from paranormal beings he finally sees the need for firearms.  However he will most likely remain the dark shadows of his parents basement playing videos games.

However we receive threats from the Dark Drake every so often.  The Dark One is in league with the Anti-Claus who have plans to usher the Anti-Christ into the world.  Their former partner in crime the sinister sorcerer Dimitri Diablo now wants to eradicate them since he only plays for his own team, and does not want the Anti-Christ to be born so the Devil may move forward with his plans for global domination.  Diablo wishes to re-take Hell, and then the rest of the Universe.  We're hoping both sides will destroy each other.  We can only hope!
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Weekly Summary Of Mystic Investigations Cases
« on: February 01, 2013, 01:02:40 PM »