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All Bow Before Me!

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Dimitri Diablo:
This Earth shall be mine soon!

This earth will not be yours Dimitri and I will not bow before you.

Dimitri I know you're responsible for separating Drake's soul from his body. So I want you to return Drake's soul to his body. In case you didn't realize it this is not a request. You will return Drake's soul to his body.

Dimitri I feel sorry for you. You are nothing but a coward who's not even a real magical being. You can't even speak all languages if you. Wanted to. I gave this world power and energy and you came along and you blamed me for everything that's happened. My son does not feel anything but stupidity when he comes around you. You sicken me Diablo. Have cursed life you motherf**king coward

Dimitri Gaia Can't ever give her power away! Trust me she's tried.. Even the titans have tried to rip it out of her.. the power is her soul! She's tried willing it out back into nature. That never works. The only way you would ever take this world is if you made Gaia your wife! lol Sorry but to me that is world peace! And goes completely against your grain! The animals of this world are protecting her as well from your wrath! Don't under estimate the power of love.. She even is your mother Dimitri. Gaia loves ALL creatures..


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