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Birthday wishes


I was wondering if anyone has ever had a birthday wish come true. I ask since tomorrow is my birthday and I'm hoping to have a wish come true.

Xavier Remington:
Legend has it that at least one Birthday wish will come true in a persons lifetime.  What that wish is we know not.  Naturally plenty come true because they're easy enough to have happen outside the world of the supernatural.  Things such as material items or realistic goals.  The odds are greater that a wish will come true if the official birthday cake is lit with exact number of candles of your age, and all of them are blown out at the exact time of your birth.  It's also thought that the singing of Happy Birthday aids in the wish coming true.  It's unclear if any supernatural entities are responsible for Birthday wishes.  Happy Birthday!

Thanks Xavier.

Hi Supernaturalbeliever. I hope your wish comes true! :) Mine is also sneaking up on the 21st. I only wish for the world to stay in one piece.. with all of this hype about the end of the world. I wish for nothing to happen to anyone on my birthday.. No doomsday. I do have a very good wish besides the first! It has to do with a certain Sexy Vampire... "Drake" ;) lol ;)

I believe that the second one is likely to come true. As for the first one there will be upheaval and people will get hurt. Just how bad it will get we'll just have to see.


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