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Your thoughts on this website?


What are your thoughts on this website?

Xavier Remington:

--- Quote from: Tigerhallam on November 24, 2012, 12:43:15 PM ---What are your thoughts on this website?

--- End quote ---

I think the Devil would have a better looking site, and a real domain name.

Remember, the Devil doesn't own it. It's run, allegedly, by a group of followers.

LOL Xavier!  ;D True! I'd think that he'd have a flash website! With lightning and perhaps allot of oolala'lava.. lol just my opinion. Also, his guest book would be something under the order of Selling your soul...sign it! ;) Tiger.. for coming from followers.. I'm sure it's corrupted enough for Lucifer himself! ;) lol Have a good night everyone!

I'm not so sure...
Technically, what would be called 'God' has power over everything, yes? Follow this thought and we realise he must have omniscience, but if religious texts are to be believed he is also omni-benevolent, or all loving. How can he let the Devil harm people then? Simple. It is a test of faith.
I do so enjoy Religious Studies.


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