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Being pulled into mirrors

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Sage is good, and salt is widely used.

Drake Alexander:

--- Quote from: whitewolf3001 on November 26, 2012, 10:10:11 PM ---I'm haunted enough'.. Do you suppose this is where they come from? I can't do anything about the mirror in my bathroom. I guess I could wash it with vinegar and blow sage into it? Either way.. this house has been tainted since the last people lived here. They were devil worshipers. When I walked in .. I had chills.. Then seen that they spray painted satanic symbols upon my walls.. With black spray paint! I did my best to prime and cover it. I burnt sage.. Did my best to bless it..

 I also have heard many stories about mirrors. Bloody Marry. Friends of mine would do this in high school. I refused to join in. One of them died that year in a car accident. Not something anyone should mess around with. My son was just talking about this last night. How scared he is of Mirrors. He told me that once he was looking at his reflection.. then looked away.. and it was still looking at him.. Scared him so bad he fell backwards into the bathtub. lol He said he won't ever have one in is room. I told him perhaps his fear caused it to open a portal. So the movies are right... That's when I took my mirror down lol. ;) Tyler spooked me.

--- End quote ---

You seriously need to move sweetheart. ;)  Washing the mirrors with holy water should help as well.

Let me guess where she should move to. In with you Drake?


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