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That's good.. I would miss the ol' blog. lol

Hi I'm Elizabeth Weatherly, Treasurer & Investigator for Mystic Investigations.  I left this message on the Ask Mystic blog, and here just to make sure you got it. I thought you'd like to know that most of the Mystic team has literally gone to Hell!  Yes you heard correctly!  Rebecca's Mermaid cousin, a royal Princess who refuses to choose sides in the ongoing Mermaid royal-Abernathy family feud, came to visit Rebecca in Woodland Springs as apart of her month long journey into the human world allowed to Mermaids coming of age.  Rebecca's Mother , and Father came to meet her as well.  It seems Diablo needs to break various Seals to initiate Armageddon prematurely, and he needed a "Sentient Virgin Princess Fish Out Of Water" which translates into a full Mermaid Princess on dry land in human form.  He also needs key members of the Mystic Investigations team said to be key players in the Apocalypse.  So he killed two birds with one stone, and had his demonic minions kidnap Rebecca's teenage cousin.

That being said it's not a simple task bringing a live biological beings directly into the bowels of higher dimensional hell where Dimitri now lives.  Although he can freely come, and go from Hell to Earth which is a Devils power.  He just can't bring anyone with him with such ease against their will.  He sent two rare biological Demons to kidnap her.  They translated into biological form by traveling from hell into the Underworld, the physical manifestation of hell on Earth where many dangerous creatures live including several low level half breed demons, aka Demi-Demons.  Most of the Mystic Team, including Rebecca's Mom, and Drake's vampire mother Enheduanna, went to hell in order to release her from Diablo's evil clutches.  They had to enter the Underworld, and find their way to the Gates Of Hell.  They've been gone a week now, and I just received a radio call from Xavier telling me that they got Rebecca's cousin back, and they're at the midway point in the Underworld heading toward Earth's surface.  That's as far down as it will work due to various relay beacons left along the way.  It will take them several more hours to surface.  Hopefully they won't run into any trouble on the way back.

They say no human in modern times has ever entered the Underworld. When he first entered the dark cavernous Underworld deep underground he described it as the most terrifying place he's ever been.  It's a maze of caves subtly sloping downward toward the center of Earth which contains the Gates Of Hell.  There are a small number of access points around the globe that all lead to the Gates.  One such entry point exists in the Mystical Forest of Woodland Springs.  The caves are stained with blood, and sometimes words written in blood or engraved upon the dark stone walls.  The cave floors are red or black sand in many places.  A menacing dim red light lights some caves.  It's from the glowing river of blood.  In others an orange glow exists from the river of hot lava.  An eerily horrifying whistling wind sound accompanies hot winds that flow through the caves.  The deeper you go the hotter the temperature gets.  In some places the caves are ablaze in unholy fire.  Screams, and growls can be heard all about along with whispers of evil threats.  I thank God I didn't have to go.  I don't have any special powers.  I'm just a human whose first brush with the supernatural, or maybe I should say the super science, was when Xavier's time traveling brother Michael Remington saved me from the sinking Titanic.  Once they've returned they'll probably tell you what happened.

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