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« on: December 06, 2012, 09:21:28 AM »
Did these voices tell you why your time on earth has not yet expired Meistiensos? I wonder if you'll be coming back.

The voices of enlightenment are for my ears, or lack thereof, only.  However the voices of descent wish to thwart my inevitable joyous return due to their petty need for vengeance.  The spirits of those I personally expired put forth attacks upon me in this dark void...................Ω∞♠♥ΨΘΦ....................

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« on: December 06, 2012, 09:16:17 AM »
I just need someone to talk to

Trek forth into the Hoh Rainforest to find the fabled "Eye Of Pentaxia".  He who posseses it shall never be lonely as foretold in the Ancient Melastarician Texts.  Ah yes a good deed shall earn me favor in my quest to return to the living...................Ω∞♠♥ΨΘΦ.................

Enheduanna my lovely daughter we will be together again.  Not even death can keep us apart!  It took all my concentration to appear before you.  It's taking all my energy just to have my thoughts appear upon this magical tablet of ether.  Most of the time I lie nestled within a dark void in a dazed state of confusion with momentary episodes of crystal clarity.  There are so many voices calling out to me.  Some are telling me my time on Earth is not yet expired.  When I phased into this reality I could only see waves of pure energy.  However I was drawn to your mystical soul amid the iridescent waves swirling about.  I eagerly await the day when I can finally see your true form of beauty once again........

You're welcome whitewolf. And speaking of Meistiensos I wonder where he is now. I'm sure he's reading these forums. So why don't you say something Meistiensos? You've replied to other people but not me. Are you afraid of me or something?

I believe I only replied to Whitewolf.........where am I?  I'm floating in a dark void with words around me.  Am I dead?

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