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General Discussions / Re: New Pope
« on: March 21, 2013, 06:05:00 PM »
Hello,.. I just watched the video. Very interesting. At the end they say to pray daily. And that the world shall be split in two.. of the followers. Whom are on the side of the beast or with Yahuha'.. and a test? Either one of the kings will be reborn as a beast "Fallen Angel" or possessed by daemonic fallen Angel. This is how we know that judgment day is close. Within a few years from now. Great! I don't pray! But I do believe.

The prayer part is their opinion.  I don't pray as well.  Although Duanna prays to the Moon Goddess Nanna.  If you're Goddess Gaia then you could pray to yourself. ;)  The Devil, and his minions might find it hard to take over the Earth if the very soul of the planet fights back with full force!  All of us here at Mystic Investigations train on a weekly basis in preparation for the great war of Armageddon.   Xavier, Rebecca, and I have been touted as major players in the apocalypse by various prophets, seers, psychics, and ancient secret scrolls.  We will defend the Earth to our very last breath...oh wait I don't actually breath. :)

General Discussions / Re: New Pope
« on: March 19, 2013, 01:02:46 PM »
Well there's a new pope now, Pope Francis. I would like to hear what people have to say about the new pope. I would especially like to hear from Father Tom what he thinks. Also I heard people say that this would be the last pope. Do any of you think that may be true?

We had written an article right after Pope Benedict resigned:

Some had interpreted the Bible as indicating a demonic entity would blatantly pose as the resurrected Pope John Paul II.  Naturally that would be a violation of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact so we didn't believe it.  Clearly that hasn't happened although the new Pope Francis could be demonically possessed, and subtlety allude to being Pope John Paul. We're not sure if he will be the last Pope. If he exhibits any peculiar signs then that may be the case.

Hey Drake.. That is awesomely sweet!!!  ;D

Thanks!  I might get one for myself as well.  I'm now torn between the BMW i8, and my Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.   Either way we shall enjoy racing about the country side in both vehicles.  As a vampire you can enjoy the rush of standing on the hood, or even the roof of the car while we speed down the road in excess of 120 mph.  We can take turns driving.  Now be warned.  Duanna, and I do this, and we both love pranking each other by slamming on the brakes.  We go flying several hundred yards before hitting the pavement but we always get up laughing while pointing at the prankers, and saying,"Why you!"

Thanks to my European connections we've added a new car to our Mystic Vehicle Fleet:  The BMW i8 as seen in the hit Tom Cruise film Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. We're expecting delivery in Spring of 2013.
Our other Mystic Vehicles:

Vampires Lair / Re: Welcome To The Vampires Lair
« on: January 11, 2013, 03:54:54 PM »
Drake stop using my face in your sissy exploits!  I'm the true Drake because I live up to my demonic DNA.  You're do gooder crap makes me puke!  Grow up, and be a real man already!  I can't wait to have me some of that Whitewolfy, Duanna, Julia, and some more Rebecca as well!  ;D

A real man?  You sound like a deranged teenager on crack!  You need serious mental help pal.  Please stop using my face to commit atrocities you disgusting piece of trash!

I'm haunted enough'.. Do you suppose this is where they come from? I can't do anything about the mirror in my bathroom. I guess I could wash it with vinegar and blow sage into it? Either way.. this house has been tainted since the last people lived here. They were devil worshipers. When I walked in .. I had chills.. Then seen that they spray painted satanic symbols upon my walls.. With black spray paint! I did my best to prime and cover it. I burnt sage.. Did my best to bless it..

 I also have heard many stories about mirrors. Bloody Marry. Friends of mine would do this in high school. I refused to join in. One of them died that year in a car accident. Not something anyone should mess around with. My son was just talking about this last night. How scared he is of Mirrors. He told me that once he was looking at his reflection.. then looked away.. and it was still looking at him.. Scared him so bad he fell backwards into the bathtub. lol He said he won't ever have one in is room. I told him perhaps his fear caused it to open a portal. So the movies are right... That's when I took my mirror down lol. ;) Tyler spooked me.

You seriously need to move sweetheart. ;)  Washing the mirrors with holy water should help as well.

Vampires Lair / Re: Vampire bites
« on: November 17, 2012, 10:17:32 AM »
I was wondering if it hurts when a vampire bites you or can they make it so it doesn't hurt? I know there are people that have been bitten so what does it feel like?

Pain can be eliminated through our hypnotic powers if we so choose.  In addition if we have feelings for the person we're feeding off of then we release something some thing like hormones through our saliva which circulates through the subjects bloodstream causing pleasure in place of pain.  However if we're attacking an enemy by biting into them then you can expect they will feel major excruciating pain.

Angela we shall have our time together soon enough.  I know you're secretly jealous that we can't be as one.  In time I will be the one to bring you into our loving family.  Be patient until then as I mend the shattered fences that divide my daughter, and grandson from my just rule.  May the Lord Of Darkness be with you!

You're sick grandpa!  I've got a silver stake at home that can end your misery!

Paranormal Discussions / Re: About Ivana Saccani News
« on: June 20, 2012, 03:04:09 PM »
I smell the evil sulfurous stink of hellish spam as well Xavier.  I will be on the watch especially considering the atrocious attacks of spamming specters over the past week.  They really need to get a life, and take their pathetic porn, and toxic chemical prescription drugs to hell where they belong.

Paranormal Discussions / Re: Favorite Supernatural Entity?
« on: June 15, 2012, 09:08:56 PM »
Sorry we've all been away for some time.  The battle against evil never sleeps, and we've all had trouble sleeping due to the invasion of Diablo in our dreams.  Sometimes he just sits there with his sickening sinister snickering all night long.  Only our psychic Julia Hathaway has been able to block him sometimes but we're taking about the new Devil here.  There's not a lot we can do about it.  We're just lucky he doesn't choose to kill us or perhaps we're under the protections of a higher power.

Here is the account of our battle with Dimitri at Bilderberg:  It's our fault he now rules over hell.  He duped us all.  I really thought we lucked out, and had killed him but I guess that would have been too easy.

I read the link. I'm glad you're all safe. What a hellish thing to happen. I'll continue to send protection to you all. I'm not sure if I can fight against him. Yeah he looks thin like a zombie. When I seen him he looked weak.. but he had daemon body guards. His hair was black. Yeah very pale. I wonder if what I saw was him or not? He scared me. I asked the gods to keep him away from me. Since his evil presence really creeps me out!

That's cool Drake bit you and gained some of your powers. When I send him energy, normally I send dark blue to him. I send pink to you and Xavier for love and passion. lol  -For the past 2 weeks I have been so worn out! Also, have had some scary dreams about the Illuminati. They came to me and took me to an underground mine shaft.. a place they go for secrecy. They told me that I am one of the Keys. And so are my children. I saw Angelina Jolie there. She is not very nice! She slashed a man in the face with her sword -for trying to go public about thier plans. She is very cruel. (I believe she's Lizard.) - She wanted to have the Key.. why her and Brad have been popping them out left and right. I don't think she likes me very much!

Then the other night my son Tyler.. wanted me to have a few shots of Vodka with him. (He looked like he really needed to talk about something.)- So I had a little. We were up all night till 7am talking about some scary stuff. Here to find out the Illuminati are after him. They want him to join them. He has daemons all around him. They told him if he ever mentions anything about the Key' to anyone! They will die! He told me he told a friend of his here in town about the Key'.. He just found out he died mysteriously'. So he is freaked out! And feels guilty for telling him about it. I told him let them try with me, Since I already know about the Key's etc. He was relieved I already know'.. I told him about what happened to me as well. I didn't know they were after him so bad..Would explain why I've been getting terrorized by that black shadows.

I told him he better stay clear of it. They are my enemy.. (Ty told me that some are not as bad, I told him about Dimitri).. He told me he's not with him. He really wants to talk to Drake about some of this. Ty told me he controls them. (The Damon's). They told him he's a warlock etc. I told him yes my father had powers.. But that doesn't mean he should dabble with it. I told him they will trick you.. He really needs to talk to someone other than me. I told him anyone with Mystic Investigations could help him. Since he probably won't listen to me.

I told the Illuminati I will never join the dark side. I am of the light! They didn't like it. I don't care! Knowing they are with Dimitri makes me sick! They told me the floods are coming. And that the Keys can stop it. The keys are the ones born of Jesus's bloodline. Tyler will be under the name HAVOKX I told him he should come here and talk to someone. I am scared for him. I told him I don't care what the demons have told him. They will do or say anything to deceive him and when they are done they will kill him. Thanks for fighting against Dimitri and all the evil. I figured you've been busy! I will do my best to make sure Dimitri can't terrorize you anymore in dreams.

I've partaken of Rebecca's blood before in the heat of battle.  Luckily she, and Xavier pre-approve this tactic.  Of course that wasn't the case the first time I did it several years ago.  I scared the hell out of both of them because back then they only thought of vampires as evil.  So Rebecca thought she was about to die, and Xavier attacked me.  Thankfully nobody got hurt.

The power of an individual flows through their blood, and vampires have the ability to tap into it directly.  It's saved me countless times over the centuries.  It is the great equalizer when a vampires goes up against evil practitioners of magic.

Vampires Lair / Welcome To The Vampires Lair
« on: June 15, 2012, 05:21:22 PM »
Hello I am Drake Alexander.  A vampire who has lived for seven centuries.  This forum is a place to meet fellow vampires or simply talk about vampires in general.

Paranormal Discussions / Re: Favorite Supernatural Entity?
« on: June 02, 2012, 06:03:06 PM »
Hello,.. I voted Vampire!  -I love the new forum.  ;D

For some reason I voted for vampire as well. ::)

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