What Is The Difference Between Frankenstein’s And Zombies?

Zombies are dead humans brought back to life by magical means to become mindless living dead creatures whose flesh is slowly rotting. Within a short number of years they will totally decay into nothingness despite being immortal in nature. Before that time they will attack any living thing, including humans, to feed their single minded cannibalistic lust for flesh and blood. Their deadly lust can be interrupted by magical means and then they become the slave of the magic master. Zombies can create other zombies by passing along the supernatural zombie virus to living humans through their blood, saliva, and even the air. Some mad scientists and the government have also duplicated the virus to create zombies from living humans as well. Reanimation of corpses however requires the real supernatural virus or a magical catalyst.

Frankenstein’s are monsters composed of many body parts from various humans that are stitched together by mad scientists, wizards, and sorcerers who may employ both magic and science to animate their newly created corpse. Sometimes mechanical parts are apart of the mad mix. Once animated they are alive rather than living dead in nature. Their flesh does not rot. Their minds have intelligence to varying degrees and they can be quite human in nature despite their hideous appearance. They can be gentle or ferocious in nature depending on their creators influence since the Frankensteins mind is quite child like. They can also be made to serve a master via magic although their free will can fight this unlike zombies.

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