How Do Paranormal Investigators Escape Being Trapped In A Car?

Especially When Trapped In A Car Submerged Underwater?

Woman Trapped In Car UnderwaterThe paranormal investigations business can be a dangerous game especially when going up against the wide array of dark supernatural beings that plague our planet, and coat it with pure evil.  In a number of cases these entities can be overwhelming, and the only escape is by vehicle.  Amid the chaos, or by force of said beings, we have found ourselves suddenly in the dark murky depths of rivers, lakes, and oceans.  Those of us with super strength, or magical powers clearly can shatter window glass, or pound the automobile door off it’s hinges.  However many in the supernatural investigations profession are just brave humans looking to protect humanity from the scourge of the supernatural.  Panic sets in just like any other person as the water fills the cabin, and the door won’t budge.  What can humans do when faced with such a perilous situation?  They need a small reliable easy to
use escape tool that doesn’t cost an arm, and a leg to own.  The ideal tool in emergency vehicle escape artistry is an ingenious product called the ResQme Escape Tool.   It’s a small key chain that will give you peace of mind in a tense terror filled situation.  It slices through a thick seat belt like a letter opener through paper.  It shatters your window with the power of a fist of bionic steel.  Once your avenue of escape is presented it is then up to you to hold your breath, and swim for the surface praying no forces of darkness are present.  Click here to learn more about this amazing tool that costs less than $10 plus free shipping.  Every one of us at Mystic Investigations has a ResQme on our key chain except for our resident fifth generation vampire Drake Alexander, and our powerful white witch Rebecca Abernathy who also happens to be half-mermaid.  The video below shows the ResQme in action.  And yes this is an advertisement but believe us when we say you with thank us someday!

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13 thoughts on “How Do Paranormal Investigators Escape Being Trapped In A Car?

  1. Hey guys.. How have you all been doing? I watched the video. I have purchased something like this gadget before! Not sure where it went. Was in my glove compartment. Very good idea to have one. You never know when disaster might present itself. Thanks for this. I’ll have to get another one! 😉

  2. I know this is not in the right section but just wanted to ask, what happens to a werewolf’s reproductive organs and mammary glands when they transform?

    • A females breasts shrink to virtually nothing during the transformation but the chest is slightly larger than a male werewolf. Although only noticeable to the trained eye. Reproductive organs remain intact allowing for reproduction between Werewolves. Such mating in Werewolf form creates a soulless creature without human form who is an eternal Werewolf of pure evil.

  3. Again thank you for replying but i’m not sure you got what i was saying, no offence meant. Basically, i’m asking if in werewolf form their penises or vaginas remain human like or become more like that of a dog/wolf with a knot and everything. I’m sure you know what i mean.

    • You sure seem obsessed with animal private parts. I think she answered your question. In human form there’s nothing physically different on a Werewolf than a normal human. Just additional hair growth on the body. You won’t find any fuel for your weird animal-human hybrid fantasies here pal! LOL!

  4. Aw, you caught me 😉 :). But i do honestly want to know for intellectual purposes. I am recording as much info as i can on paranormal creatures and actual working magick.

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