What Are Witch Slayers?

Witch Slayers are magically talented individuals that go after evil witches.  Although some misguided individuals go after all witches.  In those cases they are evil Warlocks, Wizards, or even foolish humans who believe all things magical are evil.  These humans with no natural magical ability seek to eradicate all magical beings who they see as a threat to humankind.  When lacking magic they must resort to tricky tactics to lure a witch into a trap in order to eradicate them in a moment of weakness.  Some may even gain “borrowed power” which they justify as a necessary evil to accomplish their dark mission.  Few individuals actually identify themselves as witch slayers while the number one type of slayer is the Vampire Slayer followed by Zombie Slayers, and Werewolf Slayers.  Naturally Witch Slaying is the most dangerous of the Slaying professions because of the unpredictability of magical abilities that varies among individuals.  It takes someone with extreme bravery, and talent to undertake a life cause such as this.  However some are just plain nuts, and probably should seek psychiatric help.

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Drake Alexander

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I'm the Executive Vice-President, and Chief Legal Officer of Mystic Investigations. I'm a 742 year old 5th generation vampire that was born in the Highlands of Scotland in the 13th century AD. I was brought across into the dark crimson world of the night by the infamous Akkadian princess Enheduanna who still walks among us at age 4261. I dedicate my life to battling the forces of evil wherever, and whenever they may rear their despicable faces.

25 thoughts on “What Are Witch Slayers?

  1. I didn’t know about the Witch Slayers. I believe some witches are very evil and yes if they harm innocent ppl for their own entertainment then yes they should be punished. But there are good witches as well. Like Rebecca. 🙂

    • I’ve worked as a Witch Slayer at times. Also Percy Allen, the guy whose sort of like Drake’s stepson, fancies himself a Witch Slayer among other things. He tried to take me down with borrowed power but failed miserably. Between flying to the Moon, taking down an alien ship, and just going to hell, and back I feel beyond invincible! 🙂

    • Hi I’m Elizabeth Weatherly, Treasurer & Investigator for Mystic Investigations. I thought you’d like to know that most of the Mystic team has literally gone to Hell! Yes you heard correctly! Rebecca’s Mermaid cousin, a royal Princess who refuses to choose sides in the ongoing Mermaid royal-Abernathy family feud, came to visit Rebecca in Woodland Springs as apart of her month long journey into the human world allowed to Mermaids coming of age. Rebecca’s Mother , and Father came to meet her as well. It seems Diablo needs to break various Seals to initiate Armageddon prematurely, and he needed a “Sentient Virgin Princess Fish Out Of Water” which translates into a full Mermaid Princess on dry land in human form. He also needs key members of the Mystic Investigations team said to be key players in the Apocalypse. So he killed two birds with one stone, and had his demonic minions kidnap Rebecca’s teenage cousin.

      That being said it’s not a simple task bringing a live biological beings directly into the bowels of higher dimensional hell where Dimitri now lives. Although he can freely come, and go from Hell to Earth which is a Devils power. He just can’t bring anyone with him with such ease against their will. He sent two rare biological Demons to kidnap her. They translated into biological form by traveling from hell into the Underworld, the physical manifestation of hell on Earth where many dangerous creatures live including several low level half breed demons, aka Demi-Demons. Most of the Mystic Team, including Rebecca’s Mom, and Drake’s vampire mother Enheduanna, went to hell in order to release her from Diablo’s evil clutches. They had to enter the Underworld, and find their way to the Gates Of Hell. They’ve been gone a week now, and I just received a radio call from Xavier telling me that they got Rebecca’s cousin back, and they’re at the midway point in the Underworld heading toward Earth’s surface. That’s as far down as it will work due to various relay beacons left along the way. It will take them several more hours to surface. Hopefully they won’t run into any trouble on the way back.

      They say no human in modern times has ever entered the Underworld. When he first entered the dark cavernous Underworld deep underground he described it as the most terrifying place he’s ever been. It’s a maze of caves subtly sloping downward toward the center of Earth which contains the Gates Of Hell. There are a small number of access points around the globe that all lead to the Gates. One such entry point exists in the Mystical Forest of Woodland Springs. The caves are stained with blood, and sometimes words written in blood or engraved upon the dark stone walls. The cave floors are red or black sand in many places. A menacing dim red light lights some caves. It’s from the glowing river of blood. In others an orange glow exists from the river of hot lava. An eerily horrifying whistling wind sound accompanies hot winds that flow through the caves. The deeper you go the hotter the temperature gets. In some places the caves are ablaze in unholy fire. Screams, and growls can be heard all about along with whispers of evil threats. I thank God I didn’t have to go. I don’t have any special powers. I’m just a human whose first brush with the supernatural, or maybe I should say the super science, was when Xavier’s time traveling brother Michael Remington saved me from the sinking Titanic. Once they’ve returned they’ll probably tell you what happened.

  2. Hello Elizabeth, That is really tragic! I’ve read about the gates of hell. Stories about Hades’s pulling his soon be wife down to hell. This is really dangerous. Caves alone are seriously un safe. I hope they’ll make it out safely. I’m a caver and I know how slippery and sharp the rocks get. I figured they’ve been very busy. It’s not like them not to respond. My prayers are with them. Thank you for telling me what’s going on. I’ll send as much energy as I can for them. As a protection. I’m not sure how much help it’ll be for them.

  3. Elizabeth, Please let me know what happens. I am very worried. Last night I sent protection to them. Caves are so unsafe. I hope they make it out alive! They collapse easily. 🙁

    • They made it down through the winding maze of Underworld caves, past the Gates Of Hell, and into the bowels of higher dimensional Hell itself. Once I received their call informing me they were back in the caves I was relieved everyone made it that far. However you’re right that caves in general are unsafe, and certainly Underworld caves are 100 times more dangerous. I just got a cell phone call from Rebecca at 1:22 AM (Mountain Standard Time) informing me they had surfaced into the Mystical Forest. After they magically seal the cave entrance into the Underworld they’ll all be heading home for a much deserved respite.

      • Thank you for taking charge at Mystic Investigations while I was gone. It seems you did an excellent job! We’re all impressed you took down an evil vampire all on your own!

    • Yeah we all made it back but I have one hell of sun burn or should I say hell burn. Being exposed to the light of unholy fires for a week doesn’t help the skin out even with magical protections. Naturally Rebecca, and Drake didn’t feel it was safe for me to go but I felt it was my duty as the leader of our team of supernatural warriors. I’m one of the few living humans who can say they literally went to hell, and back!

  4. Hi guys.. I’m so glad you’re all safe! I kept worrying about the cave’s instability. So is Dmetri taken down? Does the world still have to worry about him? Xavier I’m very sorry to hear about your Hell burn. Try aloe vera. I grow it here. I have a large Aloe plant in my kitchen. Samantha took off some large pieces when she recently got sun burned from tubing down the river w her friends. I told her that’s what it’s here for.

    I wonder if Dmetri will try to do this again? I’m glad your cousin is also safe Rebecca. I wish I could kick him in his bum. He deserves to get punished for his evil deeds. Rebecca, I think you’re pretty tough for what you’ve been through. You guys are defiantly hero’s of this world. 🙂

    • I feel a lot better now thanks to Rebecca’s magical herbal lotion mix which includes aloe vera. She grows herbs in our backyard, and green house. Until I look normal again Rebecca has glamoured me into looking like I have a sun tan instead of being red as a lobster. It would be rather distracting to clients.

      We did have some slips, and falls in the caves but everything is easy after you go straight to Hell, and tango with the Devil. Unfortunately the world still has to worry about Diablo. However we de-throned him as King Of Hell. Or I guess I should say the real Devil escaped the Jinn dimension, and took back his throne. Diablo was cast into the deepest bowels of the Underworld. He could emerge at anytime and continue his role as the most powerful Sorcerer of evil on Earth. I think his plans to take over Hell, and the Heavens are over. The Devil will be on guard, and watching Dimitri closely. Certainly he had major delusions of grandeur when he conceived of becoming God of our Universe. I have no doubt he will be a major player in the Apocalypse, and could possibly take over the Earth if he gains enough allies.

    • Yes my cousin Nerissa is doing great. She’s staying with me, and Xavier at Remington Manor. She was dying to transform so we threw tons of salt in the swimming pool. She was out there this afternoon splashing about with her dark blue mermaid tail.

      Thanks but we’re just doing what anyone else would do with our powers! We will all defend our family, friends, and all that is good in the world from the forces of evil to our very last breath!

  5. Oh that’s awesome! 🙂 I’ve never met a mermaid. That I know of. In person that is. I do believe in them, since I have seen visions of the past about mermaids. A love story! It was so real. You’re mother is not the only mer-woman to fall in love with a human. I’m sure it’s been happening allot!

    Xavier that’s so sweet! Rebecca fixed you right up! 🙂 You two are an amazing couple. I am so happy to hear Dmetri got spanked. I think the Devil needs to stay where he is as his claim. Because there are worse entities than him. More power hungry. At least he doesn’t wage war on our existence or on the gods. Thanks for telling me about what happened. I’m sure all will be well from now on. Also, I kept focusing on a gem that the Devil might have been trapped in. Also asked the gods to free him. I would envision seeing it crack and he would be free. Since he’s not as bad as Diablo. I hope the gods heard and helped. Mostly thank you for what you all have done for humanity. You all will be rewarded greatly for all of your good deeds. 🙂

    • I’m Xavier’s unofficial Naturopathic doctor, and his official Wiccan Witch Doctor. Neither of us has rarely used Allopathic medicine. We’re into preventative, and herbal healing with a magical twist. I practice the ways of wisdom our ancestors knew thousands of years ago long before the toxic chemical prescription drugs became mainstream.

      The odds are extreme that you’d ever meet a Mermaid unless you spent most of your life at sea, and to a lesser extent on the Great Lakes where a few Mermaids reside.

      History is strewn with sailors falling in love with Mermaids. Mermaids who usually go to live in the human world which angers the upper echelon of the Mermaid royal family.

      Oddly enough the Devil was quite sane, and intelligent. However I did feel extreme evil, and immense power exuding from him. His evil felt less than Diablo who also is beyond creepy as well. The Devil was in a good mood, and allowed us to leave. Although he made it clear things would be different if we were to meet on opposing sides of the coming Armageddon. At least the nightmares have completely stopped. Diablo can’t get all Freddy Krueger on us anymore.

  6. Hello Rebecca, 🙂 I’ve also been very interested in herbology and healing through stones, crystals .. Energy Reiki etc. Have you ever healed anyone through chanting? I’ve done this once, was very powerful. I healed the man with LGarrets disease. I also used Reiki and water. Took allot out of me for sure!

    Yeah I highly doubt I’ll meet a mermaid any time soon! Would be pretty neat though. 🙂

    As for the Devil? Yeah’ I doubt he’s as bad as Dmetri. At least he appreciates what he has now. Last night I have something very scary happen. I was trying to sleep. I felt hands on my back. Seen shadows. As I slipped asleep, I showed up in a very dark shadowy place. There were many dark entities there. They were telling me I was in HELL. I chilled out.. I’m like why am I here? They said I belong with them. They want me to join them. I told them I don’t belong anywhere! I don’t want war etc. They said I must make a choice soon! They also showed me that I am suppose to have a baby girl. She is a powerful white dragon. The father of this dragon is much younger then I am. I can’t do that. I told them I won’t do it. Then a voice said if you don’t the Earth will fail and you will remain in HELL.

    I woke up. I have no idea. Just freaks me out! While I was awake I lay staring at the ceiling.. Thinking what the hell is going on? This is not the first time I’ve heard of this white dragon. I keep putting it off in my head thinking it’s only a dream. What if it’s not? I then said out loud What do you expect from me? Then something struck my bedroom wall. Scared the crap out of me. lol What is going on? What would you do? Are they serious or are they just trying to get a rise out of me? Whatever it is.. Is working.

    I’m glad Dmetri is leaving you all alone now. I also asked my son if he’s seen him or head anything. He said he hasn’t been bothered. But he’s been busy with collage. Not sure what to think of the things that have been going bump in the night. Rather worried about tonight. I’m sure I”ll be okay.

    • If it was Demons, or anyone else then they were bluffing. You can’t go to hell against your will, at least not for eternity, despite what some religious zealots will have you believe. There is no torturous eternal hell. The Omniverse God is not a sadistic individual who wants anyone burning in Hell. He simply plans to extinguish the souls of the evil to put them out of their misery. Going to hell to serve the upper echelon of the forces of evil is a choice of free will. When we physically went to hell it was our choice to save my cousin. Now of course you can be taken there temporarily and even killed which would release your soul out of such a place but no torture can take place under Universal law. Or at least that’s what channeled Angels have told various Mediums. Even under the reign of Diablo he knew if he crossed that line he’d face the wrath of the Omniverse God, and the armies of Heaven. He wasn’t yet ready to battle them, and he sure isn’t in any position to take on even Hell at this moment.

      I’ve never used chanting in my healing. Healing though magic is usually the hardest power to achieve. There are divine forces at work who want certain scenarios to play out in the chess game of life on Earth. My healing powers are limited. I’d love to walk into a hospital and cure everyone of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, debilitating injuries, and everything else but I just can’t do it. Clearly you were born with tremendous healing powers. I on the other hand was born with the ability to project a magical pink energy sphere around myself. It’s certainly an amazing power for a witch to be born with but I’d gladly have the power to heal instead. I couldn’t go out in normal public until I was almost 7 because I would randomly pop out the Mystic Sphere. We lived in the Salton Sea California community of rebel Mermaids where I could display my powers but I missed the world I saw on television. Once I was seven my parents made up for it by going to all kinds of places like Disneyland, and shopping on Rodeo Drive. However we had to stay away from the sea for fear of being kidnapped by Mermaid royal guards.

  7. Just sifted through & noticed I haven’t posted here in a while. Yeah I think someone or thing has been just trying to get a rise out of me. I’m rather done with them doing this to me. I’m not afraid anymore! More upset and stern. I’ve been burning sage incense before bed and yeah the pink salt has been helping allot! Thank you for all of your advise and help.. I really do appreciate it. 🙂

    That is really cool that you can do that pink sphere around you. I doubt I can heal that many people at a time. Nor heal anyone completely. Normally when I heal someone I don’t ever guarantee them a 100% recovery. I only buy them more time with there family. But so far that man is doing allot better! If I did heal him that’s awesome. 🙂 I also healed a 21yr old kid who came over. My sons friend. He reeked of hard alcohol. He was so darn drunk. He asked me to pick him up since he had no one else. I told all of Ty’s friends if they need help never hesitate to call me. Even at 2am. I picked him up and over the alcohol I could smell something very rotten coming from him.. his breath omg! I asked him .. Are you okay? He said no.. I’m not. I have stomach cancer. He said why I’m drinking myself to death. I lectured him a little.. said he shouldn’t be doing that. When we got to my place.. I told him he should drink some water. So I got it and then channeled allot of my energy into his water. I never did this so hard in my life..

    I knew he needed allot! From the smell.. Well the next day.. he woke up. He’s like wow. I feel no pain no hangover.. And my stomach doesn’t even hurt anymore! He’s like what did you put in my water? I just smiled.. I didn’t go into it or tell him what I did. Then he went to the hospital and the dr.s were shocked that the cancer was gone. So yeah I healed him. The only one I know for a fact I made a huge difference for. Doesn’t mean it wont return. I told him to take better care of himself and not to over do it with the drinking. There are many days I get tired.. and just sleep. Probably since I give allot of my own energy away!

    Rebecca, I’m sorry you had to hide like that when you were little. It seems you have very good parents. 🙂 I wish I were a mermaid. I truly love the sea. When I was there I couldn’t get enough of it. I enjoy hearing about your experiences.. Thank you! 🙂 -I just hope you don’t mind my long letters.

    • There’s no way to know for sure until it happens but I always feel a powerful vibe around the major players. Not to mention the clues that can be found in ancient scrolls, and other paranormal works that are hidden from the general public.

    • Someone who is instrumental in key victories for whomever faction they are fighting for. They’re almost always mentioned in ancient scrolls in an indirect manner as most predictions of the future are. Gifted psychics can help verify who the major players are.

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