Are Vampire Werewolf Hybrids Real?

If Werewolf Vampire Hybrids Do Exist Then How Are They Formed?

A Vampire Werewolf HybridWe’ve never run across one but there are ancient anecdotes of vampire werewolf hybrids existing.  If they still exist then they are quite rare. Such beings are vampires most of the time as the Werewolf DNA lies latent until full Moon nights.  Although the amazing will power of the vampire would allow it to transform any time it so chooses, or even to resist transforming on the full Moon nights.  The hybrid could create a new vampire anytime while only being able to transform someone into a Werewolf when in complete wolfed out form on the night of the 100% full Moon.  In addition it seems they would have no ability to transform anyone into a hybrid at all even with the aid of magics.

Both vampires, and werewolves are the product of powerful paranormal viruses which are demon based in nature.  They enter the body, and alter the DNA supernaturally.  The vampire virus is more powerful than the werewolf, aka Lycanthrope virus.   In cryptozoological lab studies the vampire virus always eradicates the Lycanthrope.

A Werewolf biting a vampire yields nothing but a temporary increased aggression, and an odd aversion to the Moon while their body fights off the Lycanthrope virus.  A Werewolf partaking of vampire blood will weaken, have hallucinations, and other random symptoms which will last up to two days, and nights.  A vampire attempting to bring a Werewolf across in it’s furry wolfed out form will most likely produce a dead Werewolf.  A vampire transforms someone by draining them of nearly all their blood to the brink of death, and then introducing their own blood to the subject.  The Werewolf might survive the blood drain but it would not live through the introduction of vampire blood.

Despite this there is anecdotal evidence in various ancient scrolls, and books of magic that a vampire werewolf hybrid might be created with the right timing, and some magical intervention.  The vampire must drain the Werewolf of blood taking it to the brink of death in it’s diurnal human form at the stroke of Noon on the day of the New Moon.  Then a magical potion must be administered containing a bit of vervain, a bit of wolfsbane, a drop of quicksilver, aka mercury, a pinch of 24K gold dust, three pinches of Dragon’s Blood from the Daemonorops draco plant, a drop of the vampires blood, and a drop of the Werewolf’s blood from it’s fully wolfed out form along with a bit of sage.  All of which is to be mixed within 13 ounces of unholy water blessed by a Dark Priest, or Priestess.  The final mix should be a pitch black goo.  The entire 13 ounces must be poured down the Werewolf’s throat immediately after the blood is drained.  Then they should lie seemingly dead until the New Moon is at exactly 0% of full.  At that point the vampire is to introduce generous quantities of it’s own blood into the Werewolf.  Theoretically within 24 hours you should have a vampire werewolf hybrid.  The two demonic based viruses find common ground together, and strike an unholy balance. The hybrid themselves, as mentioned previously, could not transform others into hybrids at will, or even with the method above.  This would account for the rarity of this hybrid creature.  Not to mention the fact that no Werewolf wants to test this, and risk death!

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I'm Mystic Investigations Chief Cryptozoologist. I became interested in Cryptids when I found out my missing father was in fact a zombie. A pre-zombie who fathered me while he was infected with the paranormal zombification virus. Now I'm some how a zombie-human hybrid. Although I look perfectly normal, and live a mostly normal life. Well except for the fact that I can fake being dead, and can go a long time without breathing oxygen. My blood holds the key to curing the zombie scourge that infests our paranormal planet.

3 thoughts on “Are Vampire Werewolf Hybrids Real?

  1. I was wondering what do you know about Wendigos? Have you ever encountered any? And which do you think is stronger a Werewolf or a Wendigo? Do you think that a lone werewolf would even have a chance on its own against a Wendigo?

    • I’m writing a Wendigo article. I should be posting it tomorrow although Rebecca might distract me. None of us have ever dealt with a Wendigo. However I just discovered Drake Alexander, our vampire associate, fought one in the late 1860’s after he fought in the Civil War. Drake stopped in Wisconsin before heading out west. He saved a Chippewa tribe from an anti-Native American mob. He then spent some time with them, and one night he heard screams of terror. It was a Wendigo attacking. Drake thought it was a Werewolf but it was too skinny, the face looked different, and it spent most of it’s time on two legs rather than all fours like a Werewolf does most of the time. He heard people scream “Wendigo” in their native Algonquian tongue. At the time he had no idea what a Wendigo was. He just assumed it was a messed up Werewolf. He soon realized he was dealing with a violent intelligence rather than a mindless rage filled Werewolf. The Wendigo took a chunk out of Drake’s arm, and tasted it. He quickly spat it out as Drake hit him with his other arm sending the disgusting beast crashing through two wigwams. The beast quickly recovered, and sped toward Drake so fast that he knocked him to the ground. The Wendigo then started digging his razor sharp claws into his chest. Clearly he was going for the heart. Drake managed to snap the bastards arm, and he reversed positions, and sunk his teeth into the Wendigo. The blood was so vile tasting that it distracted him, and he was launched through a three causing it to crash to the ground. Drake sprung up, picked up the tree trunk, and used it as a baseball bat which sent the Wendigo flying into a pond nearby. Drake raced in after him, and a battle ensued for several minutes before Drake managed to plunge his hand through the Wendigo’s chest thereby pulling it’s heart out, and crushing it in his hands. The Wendigo collapsed to the ground, and the Indians quickly threw the corpse on to a bonfire.

      Unfortunately the blood was deeply poisonous to vampires, and Drake began having insane hallucinations, and violent thoughts. He suddenly went on a bloody killing spree for one hour. An hour he regretted the rest of his life. For he saved the tribe from the Wendigo but the Wendigo’s blood turned Drake into a killing machine. When he snapped out of it he found most of the tribe massacred. As he lie among the ruins of wigwams, and bloodied bodies he cried profusely. The only silver lining was the family he was staying with. They had run away early on, and hid up in a tree nearby. The forgave him, and told him it wasn’t his fault. It was the curse of the Wendigo. Drake was already guilty for the lives he took in the Civil War, and then he was beyond remorseful over the deaths of all those innocent Native Americans. He took part in a cleansing ritual with the family, and helped bury everyone. He was told he was forgiven by all the dead spirits, and he would not be haunted for the accidental slaughters. After he told me this he broke down crying which is why I’m re-telling his story.

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