Supernatural Career Opportunities

Post your resumes to work for Mystic Investigations here.  Current job postings are located at:

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5 thoughts on “Supernatural Career Opportunities

  1. Applying for Werewolf Hunter.

    I have a good knowledge of many supernatural creatures. I am also a Tiger Therian, which may aid me in hunting these creatures.

    I am a skilled fencer and archer.

    Thank you for considering my application,

    • We’ll certainly enter you into consideration. We have over 400 candidates from around the world who are all willing to move to Woodland Springs, CO for an exciting career in tracking, capturing, and hunting Werewolves. First, and foremost we’re looking for those who have compassion, and realize that Werewolves are still people during the day. We always go for the capture when possible, and save the kill when there’s no other options left.

  2. As I am only 16 I am not applying for an imediate postion. But I would like to be able to When I am old enough. I am listing myself as a possible recruit that will be avalible in a few years. When I am able I would like to work for mystic investigations. However moving might be a problem. Do you have a division in Kansas that I could turn to to begin building up experience? I am sensible enough to be aware that I am not yet able to go hunting for werewolves, but perhaps I would be able to work my way up to it. I do know a few things about the paranormal but I know I have much to learn. A possible recruit in a few years

  3. 3000 years old. Studied extensively as an Alchemist, worked for an independent Christian Bishop Barry Thompson for Healing Hearts Home Deliverance out of Phoenix,Az. 3 years as a sensitive for many hauntings and exorcisms with Bishop Barry whom worked with PAPS.
    Worked and took classes for Reiki and psychic training with Psychic Holly Mathews based out of Mesa,AZ.
    Throughout my past lives as Arch Angel Rontham working under commanding Chief Arch Angel Michael out of the 13th battalion, I volunteered to come to Earth as an undercover lesbian mortal (apparently I have a funny sick sense of humor), My abilities are just surfacing, I have excruciating back pain due to my wings trying to come out, I can manipulate the weather, I have healing hands, and can sometimes communicate from a distance. My mentor Holly Mathews knows more of my abilities and can be a great source if confirmation is needed (480)735-9460 or shoot her an email at, she is very busy so email is best. Bishop Barry Thompson is and a researcher for
    RPH RealParanormalHunters part time. I am currently enrolled with A.I.U. for forensic psychology but considering on changing my major to parapsycology

    • Angels have been known to take Earthly form for missions, temporary punishments, and even on sabbaticals that entail higher dimensional memory erasure for various reasons. Such memory erasures provide for a unique life experience, or can prevent detection by demonic forces.

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