What Is Heaven?

Multi Dimensional HeavenHeaven is a generic term for the higher dimensional Afterlife where the hardship of physical 3-D biological life is left behind. However there are parallel dimensions within where 4-D, and above Universes are composed of metaphysical matter. Some religious texts portray Heaven as a simplistic realm of bliss where nothing much goes on. Generally the image of the deceased, and Angels floating around the loving light of God among fluffy white clouds.  However those of us in the supernatural community know that Heaven is an infinite multi-dimensional ladder of ever challenging realms of personal growth into our own Godhood.  Just as we grow from children to adults here so do we grow into Gods in the great here after. The eternal acquisition of knowledge, and enlightenment that starts off with every experience we’ve had in the parallel Universes of this Multiverse, and every other Multiverse within this Omniverse (Collection Of Multiverses), and beyond.  Each dimension of reality in the Heavenly dimensions above has parallel dimensions where we lead simultaneous Afterlives encompassing all manner of mathematical probabilities to add to our portfolio of knowledge through personal experience.  This could include the Afterlives of the various religions as well.

In most cases we exist as metaphysical energy entities gradually transitioning in each
dimension to the ultimate goal of complete non-corporeal pure thought beings.  However some Afterlife dimensions may find us as multi-dimensional physical entities.  Such as a 4-D being in a 5-D Universe well beyond our laws of physics.  The ultimate goal of our existence is acquiring, and sharing knowledge along with our own unique creations as we eventually serve in the capacity of Gods on various planes of existence.  Along the way we meet with the Gods who created various levels of our reality. It’s thought there is one eternal God that is the very Macroverse (Everything To Infinity & Beyond!) itself inside whose mind we all exist.  Plausibly this being is a collective of us all, and we were first born on this base level of reality.  We chose to exist here along with our other infinite incarnations in parallel Universes, Multiverses, and Omniverses.

Can We Die In The Afterlife?

Death in a Non-Physical Afterlife can take place when our metaphysical energy on a given dimensional level runs out.  We then awaken on the next higher dimensional level. The amount of energy we’re born with on each Heavenly level might depend on how well we did in the previous life.  Perhaps Karma plays a role in this. Some parallel Heavens might give us unlimited energy, and it would be up to us to stay there forever or move on.  Certainly as we grow closer to pure consciousness rather than pure energy we have more control over whether we move on or not.

One Known Aspect Of The Afterlife Is Our Role As Our Own Guardian Angels. Who Better To Look After Us Then Ourselves?

Various Earthly Deities Enjoy Their Afterlife Here On Earth In The Paradise Plane

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