Do All Vampires Have The Same Super Strength?

Strength among vampires can vary greatly depending on a variety of conditions including generation, age, blood type, quality, and amount along with magical influences.

  • First generation vampires are the most powerful vampires because they are pure blood vampires, and the only vampires that can mate, and have offspring which are also considered first generation vampires.  When they bring a human across into the eternal darkness then that person becomes a second generation vampires.  With each successive generation there is a weakening of power.
  • Age is also a factor.  While humans weaken with age, vampires only get stronger.  So it’s possible for a 1000 year old third generation vampire to be stronger than a 100 year old second generation vampire.
  • Blood is also a factor in power.  Strong vampires consume high quality human blood with various blood types being optimal for certain vampires.  Consuming directly from the human rather than stored blood makes a vampire stronger as well.  Consuming the blood of certain paranormal beings may increase strength as well.  Those choosing to consume animal blood will be weaker.
  • Some vampires learn the dark magical arts, including demonic forces, to increase their powers.
  • The weakest vampires are a sub-species called Demi-Vampires that usually only consume animal blood.

So the strongest vampire on Earth at this moment would be the oldest first generation vampires who drinks the blood of supernatural beings higher than humans.  This could include rare demon blood.   Although they would also drink high quality fresh human blood since attaining paranormal bloods is difficult.  The vampire in question might also practice the dark arts.  You might be thinking it’s the most famous vampire of all time, Dracula.  However you would be wrong since he’s a second generation vampire.  Although his amazing power is mostly due to the vampire who brought him across into the eternal living dead Earthly afterlife.  The vampire being the leader of all vampires.  A first generation vampire who was in fact one of the first to ever exist on Earth.  His name is King Dagan and his Queen Gula is just about as strong as he is.  These are two vampires you would never want to run across in a dark cemetery on Halloween night.  No vampire slayer would ever have a chance to stake them.  Any human who gazes upon the King, and Queen are already dead.

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  1. Is there any limit to how powerful a Vampire can become, or after a certain age will they stop growing stronger? Does their healing abilities grow with age?

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