Could Every Character And Storyline In Horror Sci-Fi Movies & TV Be Real?

Yes, all characters and storylines of various movies could be real in parallel universes which quantum physicists believe to be a reality.  Certainly, the mind of an infinite God would want to explore more scenarios than this particular Universe could hold.  Far more than in this one Universe.  Definitely, it would be a waste for us to not see what we could accomplish under a variety of alternate circumstance. In general, life can only be fair if we all experience equal lives of good and bad encompassing a wide array of events. These events would span the worlds of science fiction and horror.

The only limit would be what various higher dimensional Gods would allow. Some things might be spared because they would be too beyond horrific in nature and might serve no real purpose.  Still, odds are pretty good that your favorite TV show or movie is a reality in some Universe complete with the actors actually being the real characters they pretend to play here! Also, you could find yourself in those real roles as well. If your life seems boring and mindless in this reality it is beyond exciting and meaningful somewhere else over the rainbow!

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