Why Returning Spirits Of The Dead Don’t Remember Heaven?

The Return Of The Dead

Sometimes the dead do return or at least communicate with the living. Contact in communication form can happen with Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), within dreams, or through a professional Medium who speaks with the dead. Mostly this supernatural communication is with those who have already moved on into the light of the Heavenly afterlife. However, it can also be with Ghosts who have unfinished business and have yet to ascend to a higher dimension. The dead themselves occasionally return in a metaphysical energy form we would call spirits but the term ghosts can also be used. Some may perform self-resurrections or be resurrected by magical practitioner’s as sapient zombies. A possession of a human is even possible!  Even rarer is a complete reconstruction into a metaphysical matter matrix! Halloween and Day Of The Dead are the biggest days for visiting spirits.

Metaphysical Memory Loss

In all the encounters in the paranormal record of the returning dead, there is often a convenient memory loss. They don’t seem to remember the Heaven, Hell, Underworld, or other Afterlife they just came from seconds earlier. Or if they do it can only be described in abstract terms that don’t really yield the full extent of its secrets. There’s no evidence they’re lying as Mediums and other psychics could sense that. In addition, many only seem to remember the good times in their former life on Earth with little memory of the bad events. Some find this irritating as they want a detailed description of the afterlife for their own reassurance. Others want to discuss negative issues they had with the deceased spirit in their former life. Yet the spirit appears to avoid such issues unless a pressing matter of life and death is at hand. So what is the cause of this memory loss?

You Don’t Go To Heaven Until You’re Permanently Dead!

We see the same thing with dead frozen people who may be alive again someday. Many become ghosts with no hope of seeing the portal of light to Heaven. Once thawed out they have no memory of being a ghost! It’s the old you can’t trick the Universe into thinking you’re dead just to take a peek at the afterlife. From a higher dimensional view, the person isn’t dead until their last point of existence here. Of course, that doesn’t apply to those returning or communicating directly from the afterlife. In those cases, there isn’t some nefarious force censoring things. There is a logical explanation for the memory loss.

The Veil Between Life And Death

The fact is that even a simple communication with the dead is a return of their spirit to an extent. Certainly a lot lower level than mustering up the enchanting energy to appear as a ghost or focusing their spirit into possessing someone’s mind. Still, communication can only be achieved by the spirit crossing the vexing veil between life and death. Mingling metaphysically in the chaotic astral dream plane itself can cause confusion! Something that takes place when one is first born as a biological human on Earth. We most certainly existed as a spirit before and may have existed forever into the past as apart of the Macroverse God. When dealing with higher dimensional temporal mechanics all logic from our limited three-dimensional viewpoint goes out the window!

Dimensional Jumping Causes Memory Loss

The higher dimensional memory loss of biological birth has more to do with the physical brain itself. Our soul only uses it as an interactive conduit with this world and all previous existence is filtered out. However, any crossing between higher dimensions is a re-birth and the great veil of life and death is a memory filter of sorts. In addition, descending to a different dimensional form causes temporary loss of memories in the lesser body. Even as a metaphysical energy being there is a still a physical geometry and only so many memories it can contain. Only the completely non-corporeal Macroverse God can have infinite memories.

It Was All Just A Dream…

When one ascends to Heaven after death they exist in a fantasy realm of pure love and joy. They are reborn there and see their life as a dream. It’s just like waking up from a vivid realistic dream that quickly fades. Although you remember the best parts…well, of course, you also remember the horror of a nightmare. Unfortunately, here you’re in this imperfect harsh world and not the 100% positive protective energy of Heaven. We must also remember that many negative things might be associated with physical pain imprinted on our biological brain. In Heaven, we have a metaphysical energy mind that can no longer feel such pain and on top of that can directly absorb loving energies! This ethereal mind also explains how a deceased spirit acts somewhat different than you remembered them as a human. When a spirit returns here they don’t really regain the negative memories unless you really repeatedly remind them. The memories still exist deep down. The longer they reside here the more likely they will emerge.

Memory Of Heaven

The memory of a complex higher-dimensional Heaven, on the other hand, is an information overload with indescribable qualities. Between the dimensional descent and astral plane veil filtering there is very little detailed memory of the afterlife left. Even Near Death Experiences are often hallucinations of our brain based on what we think the afterlife is or what we feel we deserve at a sub-conscious level. When it comes to Heaven all we get are warm fuzzy descriptions of being greeted by family and floating about a white light that is God. No details on what is actually going on there and what the grand plan is for all existence. Still, those of us in the supernatural know are aware that the purpose of life is to acquire knowledge and wisdom through our experiences here and in other Parallel Universes. We continually ascend to higher dimensions combining with our parallel selves in each dimension. Eventually, we ascend to varying levels of Godhood to create our own Universes and sentient species who in turn ascend as well someday. The cycle culminates within the source of everything in the Macroverse God.

Will Humankind Ever Run Out Of Souls?

Will People Ever Start Being Born Soulless?
Firstly, souls are not specifically assigned to humans. Souls beings higher dimensional metaphysical energy copies of ourselves. Sort of the equivalent of our biological copies in the wide array of Parallel Universes. When a person is born they automatically join with their soul because it vibrates at the same frequency. More or less space and the physical world are illusions as the only true thing to exist is non-corporeal energy or consciousness. So when like frequencies exist in the Macroverse, aka everything that is, they merge as one entity that is only complete perceptible to someone who is 100% non-corporeal. That being said there are supernatural situations where a person can be cut off from their soul or technically born without one. Still, their soul does exist somewhere.

Secondly, the evolution program of our planet, influenced by a number of God and Goddess programmers, doesn’t compel anyone to have a specific number of kids. There’s nothing in place to match the number of available human souls in higher dimensional Heaven with the total number of humans who will be born during the life of our species. There’s also no enchanted evidence of any such thing in place for all intelligent species across our Universe.

In fact, there are infinite souls because there are infinite non-corporeal spirit frequencies possible. So no matter how many people are born in any given reality there will never be a shortage of spirits! Only an infinitesimal amount are born in any given parallel Universe in our greater Macroverse. Since there is no regulation of biological births there is usually some natural repeating of frequencies causing the same person to be born multiple times over the courses of thousands of years. This is what some call Reincarnation.

Can You Rot In Hell For Eternity?

Whether it’s Hell, or some other dimension of reality in the Afterlife, there is no crime possible that would warrant an eternal punishment. Not to mention the fact that torture yields no lessons nor causes positive growth. We grow as intelligent entities by living a multitude of simultaneous lives in parallel Universes that coalesce into our collective higher dimensional souls! Thankfully there are Universal safeguards to prevent the proverbial perpetual rotting in hell. Namely our Guardian Angels. Goddess Gaia Mother Earth, a variety of other nature deities, and higher level Gods on up to the Omniverse God deeply discourage Afterlife punishment against one’s will.

The Devil, and his demons do actively look for humans who will sell their souls. However it’s for the purpose of adding to their metaphysical energy reserves to be used in the coming Battle Of Armageddon. This only occurs for your soul on lower dimensional levels, and has no bearing on your near infinite higher dimensional selves that currently exist outside of time as we know it. Just as you have a plethora of parallel Universe selves there are a multitude of your ascended selves all the way to the grand collective consciousness of the Macroverse God.

Generally speaking the Devil, and his minions have better things to do than torture individual humans who haven’t done a thing to them. We’re talking about former Archangels, and Angels aren’t anywhere in the same league of your average bully. It doesn’t warm the cockles of their cold hearts to torment people trapped in hell. Certainly they do most of their damage to humanity as a whole here on Earth, and on alien worlds as well. The Devil, and his denizens of damnation have plenty of supernatural enemies they would love to take down to Hell with them for a little one on one session. Even then they like the challenge of at least a somewhat fair fight. That’s one thing to remember. Higher dimensional beings have complex minds beyond our comprehension, and simple torment of random people isn’t something they think about much. That is something for simple minded biological beings warped by their disturbed environments.

Our lives here can of course be hellish but they are temporary, and never more than we can bear. This is because we chose to be here as higher dimensional spirits before we were born. We even have a supernatural safeword hidden in our sub-consciousness for essential escape when needed. Free Will is one of the central laws of the Omniverse, and beyond! If there is any afterlife hell it involves deeply disturbed souls who languish in their own misery as ghosts, or lost souls outside of Heaven. They can choose to snap out of it at any time. More often than not someone aids in the healing of their emotionally damaged soul. Even in our biological confines the power of our minds can affect our mental, and physical health. Once freed as metaphysical spirits that power of free will grows exponentially. If there really was some Hell dimension where wretched dark spirits horrified human souls then it wouldn’t last very long!

The true essence of you is your non-corporeal consciousness, and you have full command of said consciousness construct. Demonic possession might be something possible in our physical plane of reality but outside of that it is nearly impossible even for a powerful demon. All conscious souls are patterned after the first of his kind. The Macroverse God. The design is flawless, and extremely difficult to hack except when muddled with the illusion of biological programming. Even with the simulation of our physical reality, or that of solidified energy, demons obviously don’t possess nor deeply influence the vast majority of humans. If a simulated physical body, and environment of hell fire was created in an afterlife it would not be of your choosing, and would violate the spirit of freedom. With it being more than you could bear your consciousness would reject the illusion, and you would fight back. Eventually escape would be inevitable as a multitude of reinforcements including Guardian Angels would come to your aid! This would also be true for any type of scenario where you’re born as a sentient computer program in a simulated reality. Clearly your own more powerful higher dimensional selves would not stand for it! Somewhere we’re all Omniverse Gods far more powerful than the Devil, or other higher dimensionals, could ever hope to be! If nothing else have faith that you exist in infinite forms throughout the vast infinity of reality, and you’ll always have your own back!

Some say Red Noise is the background sound of Hell…minus the screams of agony from victims and the cackles of satisfaction from demons!