What Is The Slender Man Cult?

Slenderman With ChildSeveral thousands of years ago the infamous immortal shape-shifting mind control master Slender Man was banished to Earth as an eternal prison sentence by his own people from another dimension. Almost immediately he was worshiped as a God by a small group of Egyptians he encountered in the Sahara Desert.  They called him the Faceless God Of The Sands.  He attempted to communicate with them telepathically but ended up driving half of them instantly mad.  Most committed suicide within a day! Clearly he’s honed his telepathic human brain interface skills since then.  These psychic skills enabled him to create his infamous Slender Proxies. Those who commit murder for him as he is bound by otherworldly forces to not do so directly except in cases of self-defense.  His helpless proxies eventually went insane from the Slender Sickness after a period of time before finally committing suicide.  The Slender Sickness is an advanced form of paranormal psychosis caused by prolonged psychic communication with Slenderman. There is no known cure.

Subsequent Slender Man cults would form over the centuries, and Slender always ended up inadvertently eradicating them indirectly via the sinister Slender Sickness. It seems he can technically kill humans directly if it’s inadvertent, or in defense of himself.  Powerful practitioners of dark magic looked to form a cult around him, and tap into his unique parallel dimensional power.  They were the ones who would be able to best withstand contact with Slender, and not acquire the Sickness. Regrettably for them they found their magic would become chaotic, and unpredictable when communicating with him for too long.  They may not have gone mad but some were never able to practice magic again. Inevitably they had no real allegiance to Slender, and abandoned him when they couldn’t exploit his powers. Clearly his metaphysical energy force was completely incompatible with all forms of magic known in our dimension.  Except of course the magical innocence present in kids that Slender Man feeds off of. Some have even indicated that magic as we know it most likely doesn’t even exist in his home dimension to begin with.

Slenderman Finds Teens To Be His Salvation
Slender Man had begun to think humans were too weak to serve him without going mad or perishing. He gave up on having a cult of loyal minions, and useful idiots, for quite some time. Naturally he considers small children sacred, and would not purposely put them in harm’s way once abducts them.  He feeds of their energy of mystical innocence as they lie in supernatural stasis at hidden locations around the world. This is the same blissful innocence that allows them to withstand his mental communications without ill effects. Teens on the other hand were in the unfortunate abyss trapped between childhood, and adulthood. At some point hundreds of years ago Slender began to notice certain teens in the perfect age, and genetic zone range could serve him without acquiring the Slender Sickness. The Teens were too old to have any usable amount of enchanted innocent energies yet young enough to not be disposable murder proxies.  He still saw them as kids to an extent so he had no wish to torment them.

These teenagers, generally in the 13-16 age range, became the core of his infamous Slenderman Cult. Those who serve him exceptionally well get the gift of immortality via the extension of his personal psychic aura within their own spiritual energy auras.  These misguided teens serve a number of functions.  Primarily to guard Slenderman’s kidnapped kids at various hidden locations on Earth, and act as backup should someone manage to overtake him.  They must be at his planned locations in advance which is why he had cultists all around the world. He may be able to teleport anywhere on Earth instantly but it does drain his energy. It’s thought that even teleporting one other person exponentially reduces his power. Certainly in the case of the 2015 Halloween Slender Man Plot it made sense to have teen cult in the Kansas town where he spent two months working his wayward mesmerization.

There are several small cults Slender keeps at various locations around the world. The main cult location is most likely wherever he’s keeping the largest concentration of kidnapped kids. Plausibly somewhere with a natural system of caves. Slender Man himself is technically the cult leader, and his second in command is a perpetual 14 year old boy who is in fact over 200 years old, and under the immortal protection of the seriously sinister Slenderman.  He is a Chinese citizen named Fan Lin. It seems Slender saved him from a group of nefarious men in some Chinese woods.  Ever since then Fan has been a loyal, and even deadly servant. Fan’s sick dream is to someday be physically transformed into Slender Man’s true son complete with all his Shape Shifting & mental abilities.  It could be theoretically possible if he is in Slender Man’s presence enough times over the centuries as he would absorb the awesome metaphysical energies.

Members of the Slender Cult will often don faceless masks of white or gray along with wearing business suits.  Even the girls will wear the same cult uniform.  The white masks are at the highest level with Fan himself wearing a mask of the brightest white.  When they need to blend in somewhere they won’t wear the costumes. Members of the Slender Cult aspire to please Slender Man, wash away their humanity, and remain as emotionless as possible unless communing with Slender, dealing with kids, or defending Slender from what they perceive as the forces of darkness trying to eradicate their Lord Master!  Interestingly The Slender Cult considers The Slender Man Assassin to be their “Devil”. Their ultimate dream is to ascend to their idea of Heaven. That being Slendermans parallel home dimension. Slenderman indeed sees a day where he’ll break free of his Earthly prison to take over his dimension thereby punishing those who sent him here!

What Are Supernatural Jabba’s?

Jabba Shape ShifterJabba’s are paranormal monsters named after the infamous Star Wars character Jabba The Hutt.  These relatively new Cryptids first began to appear in the 1950’s, and were merely classified as large scale cannibalistic Shape Shifters for a time until given the name Jabba in the mid 1980’s.  These are humans with a unique set of junk DNA.  Those usually responsible for superpowers in Humans.  These genes appear to interact with a combination of environmental pollutants such as radiation, and various chemicals including unnatural food additives.  Soon after genetic activation the human subject acquires a monumental appetite despite having a low metabolism.  They quickly pack on the pounds, and at some point they set their eyes on small humans.  Upon their first foray into cannibalism they begin to develop shape shifting properties that allow them to devour large items they can swallow whole.  They can literally stretch their mouths, and digestive systems to accommodate all manner of objects including furniture, and sometimes small vehicles!  However they primarily crave humans in an almost zombie way.  They retain their sentient intelligence, and are alive so they are by no means zombies. Although their persona is obsessed with devouring everything in sight!  In addition even if these cannibalistic sickos get so desperate as to start eating corpses they won’t turn into Ghouls.

The Jabba’s eventually bloat up to several tons or more in weight.  Their natural state is a grotesque blob of deformed blubber who limbs are barely visible amid their excessive flesh.  They will often have long periods of hibernation in desolate rural areas. Deep woods, and swamps are their favorites. Usually a body of water is nearby.  This low activity period goes on until they start to burn off too much fat, and then they shape shift to a human appearing mobile form so they can walk among us, and stalk their next meal!  At some point they grow so horizontally challenged that shape shifting ceases, and they eventually rot to death.  The average lifespan of a Jabba is only about 16 years or so!  In addition they are neither good nor evil.  Like Zombies they merely act on instinct. Therefore a human who becomes a Jabba is exempt from negative Afterlife ramifications associated with murder.  This despite the fact that their human soul remains attached, and in anguish over the heinous culinary acts they have performed.

Cryptozoologists have yet to find the specific set of mechanisms that cause Jabbaism nor the cure.  However if caught, and supernaturally treated in the early stages, a human can be restored to their former glory. There is no known defense against Jabba’s.  Even in their human shape shifting form beheading or lighting them ablaze causes them to shift back to blob form.  Often a 9 foot high pile of blubber several tons in weight. Their dense structure, and sheer mass make injuring them difficult, and the fat just seems to immediately fill in any wounds!  Even powerful paranormal beings seem to be no match for Jabba’s. Neither Demi-Demons, vampires, werewolves, zombies, or even Hulks have had any success in defeating these gargantuan entities! The fantastical power of their fat is legendary!  Just think of a fight between the Incredible Hulk, and Angry Birds Big Terrance as an example. Not even the most famous Shapeshifter, Slender Man, was a match for a Jabba he came across in the early 1990’s!  Unfortunately just as he was about to be squashed into oblivion he chickened out and Teleported away to safety! Of course Slender has his own protection spell mechanism so it’s doubtful he would have died.

Jabba Human

Human Form Jabba

Jabba’s aren’t demonic in nature so religious artifacts have no effect. For reasons unknown they seem to be immune to even the most magnificent magics. Possibly some protection caused by a direct tapping into the supernatural human soul? If they don’t eat you whole then they’ll simply sit on you causing you to literally flatten like a pancake!  Your only defense is to run because that they don’t do very well moving fast even in their brief human forms.  That mass is still with them. It’s just extremely tight packed into their compact form. Paranormal professionals have been able to capture, and contain Jabba’s in their hibernation state with the element of surprise, and special heavy lifting equipment of steel.  There are at least three live specimens currently locked away in secret underground supernatural facilities around the world.  Study continues into these deeply disturbing supernatural oddities!

Where Does Slender Man Come From?

Why Does Slender Man Hang Around The Woods?
SlendermanThe sinister Slender Man is known for inhabiting wooded areas, and performing his acts of terror not too far from said places. However he is not tied to the woods since he has sometimes appeared in open fields, and briefly in urban areas. Yet there are usually wooded parks nearby when he makes rare urban appearances.  Some have suggested that forests are a convenient place to hide.  Certainly as a tall shape shifter hiding behind tree trunks,and springing out to scare unsuspecting campers, and hikers is a favorite pastime of his.  Although various psychics, seers, and mystics who have seen Slenderman’s home Dimension know that our wooded areas most resemble where he came from before being sentenced here for crimes against his own people.  This has been doubly confirmed by the only three people verified as visiting the Slender Dimension, and returning to tell the tale.  Technically psychics, and telepaths read their minds because they were in a permanent catatonic state for the rest of their short lives!

Slender Man Dimension

Only Known Photo From Slenderman Dimension Deeply Distorted.

The Slenderman’s Parallel Dimension, not Universe, is densely scattered with immovable shiny jet black cylindrical monolith pillars that extend from the ground into the roof of the sky. In Parallel Dimensions It’s possible for the dimension to end in the sky thereby creating a impenetrable barrier. Therefore Slender Man’s Dimension has no outer space to explore. In addition the ground itself is another wall of the dimension so there’s no digging down. These monoliths vary in girth, and texture.  Some are somewhat smooth while others are very rough. There is indeed a resemblance to tree trunks.  The places where they appear to puncture the dimensional barrier in the sky, and on the ground have a moving flow pattern that looks like leaves blowing in the wind on tree branches. This is caused by the subtle movement of the pillars themselves despite Slenderman’s people inability to cut them down, or destroy them in any way.  View of the sky, and ground is sometimes obstructed by varying densities of a foreboding gray fog consisting of a substance of unknown origin.  Most likely the extent of their weather patterns as no precipitation occurs.  It’s known that Slender’s sometimes use it to bathe themselves.

The substance these paranormal pillars are made from is unknown but it’s properties would make you think it’s stone.  Yet every so often a monolith springs a leak, and a sappy black blood like substance pours out.  It’s been said that Slender Man’s ancestors drank this as food before they lost their mouths, and the need for physical sustenance.  Sustenance familiar to us was replaced by metaphysical energy. After a great period of time extremely old pillars will finally crumble into dust but new ones always appear to grow simultaneously from the ground, and roof before meeting in the middle to form a new monolith.  Smooth ones are new while old ones have very irregular surfaces. In most places within Slender’s Dimension they are densely packed so this seems to be the reason why his people evolved the need to become shape shifters so they could weave around those pesky things.

As some of the most gifted psychics, and telepathic masters delved further into the minds of Slender Man, and his nemesis The Slender Man Assassin, sent here to terminate him, they believe they finally found the secret of these odd static looking, yet dynamic, structures.  The Dimension itself may be the body part of an immensely huge four dimensional creature, or even a multidimensional giant!  The monoliths are some manner of bodily organ not quite of a biological nature we’re familiar with that serve some unknown function.  It’s plausible that Slender Man’s people are possibly the equivalent of the beneficial bacteria we have in our intestines, or perhaps conversely a cancer the 4-D giant has been suffering from for quite some time.  If that’s the case then the behemoth lives on since the Slenders can’t seem to spread to it’s entire body.  The Slender People only have alternate dimensional access to certain Universes such as ours.  Apparently rare places where the black blood seriously oozes from the pillars to form pools are key to inter-dimensional travel.  They eat away certain points of the ground, and sky leading to realities such as ours when the Slender’s shape shift, and vibrate at certain frequency.  Yes gravitational attraction is the strongest near any dimensional barrier. In addition there is no breathable air as we know it. This makes sense with a faceless creature like Slender Man who has no mouth, or nose.  Being devoid of eyes goes along with the utter lack of light.  There are only the electrical like surges along some monoliths that cause brief dim violet hued lighting.  These surges usually only happen in growing, newborn, and nearly dying monoliths.  The Slender’s only see through unique psychic sight.  Touching a pillar allows them to see much further than the general area they occupy.

So now you know why Slenderman relishes the forests, and woods of the prison planet Earth he is mystically tied to. Could it be that this diabolical denizen of darkness actually is sentimental when it comes to his spooky home Dimension? I guess even the most heinous killers instilling terror in the hearts of humans has some redeeming qualities!  That may even include the kids he kidnaps since he never harms one hair on their head. They are simply stored away somewhere in eternal biological stasis since he feeds upon their metaphysical energy of innocence.  Kids that he considers too old are usually enlisted as his servants, and Slender Man Cult members.  At the end of the day he has the power to use any human as his puppet proxy via his immense mind control powers!