Can Werewolves Transform Without A Full Moon?

Can werewolves transform during the day?

Yes they can transform without a full moon in certain circumstances.  They can even be out in full sunlight when powerful enough as well.  Although normally a Werewolf will instinctively cower away from the sun, and will then transform back to a human.

The first non-lunar transformation you should be worried about is Halloween night.  All humans infected with the Lycanthropy virus will be able to transform into a werewolf on Halloween night despite the lack of full moon.  Even if it was a new moon they would still transform.  However at the stroke of Midnight on All Hallows Day they revert back to human form so at least the entire night isn’t infested with these hellish beasts.

The second method of non-lunar Lycanthropic transformation occurs through various magical means.  Powerful practitioners of magic including witches, wizards, and sorcerers can temporarily transform, and de-transform Werewolves through spells or their own natural magical powers.  In these cases a Werewolf could potentially exist in full sunlight for varying amounts of time.

The third method is the skill and will of the human who is the Werewolf itself.  This is the rarest form of transformation, and can only be accomplished by humans with amazing will power, and mental training.   An even rarer sub set can actually retain some level of human consciousness, and personality as a Werewolf.

A fourth method is accomplished by a rare race of Werewolf called Lycans.  They can transform into Werewolves at will while maintaining their normal persona.  They are not human, and are similar to vampires in some ways.

A combination of the second and third methods mentioned above is accomplished by a rare few secret tribes of Native Americans who live together as Werewolf packs imbued with powers from Native American witch doctors.  These packs use ancient magics, and the power of the wolf packs collective consciousness to transform into werewolves at will day or night.  For the most part they retain their human mind, and persona.

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