Are The Rumors Of Fred Rogers Supernatural Powers True?

Fred-RogersIt is our belief that Mister Rogers, the popular PBS Children’s educator, and entertainer, indeed had paranormal powers he kept hidden from the world.  Our research indicates he had distant Angelic lineage.  However not enough to make him an Immortal.  The origins of the Angel DNA are unknown but they go back several generations, and were latent until the prophesied birth of the Rogers child.  At a young age he realized he had God given powers, and abilities beyond mere mortal men.  However in his early years he focused more on his human qualities which included becoming an ordained minister to send forth the word of God.  He also realized the magical power that children possess in the collective human consciousness, and worked to cultivate that for the benefit of humankind. He saw the important the need to properly educate kids so they would grow up to be fine adults who would run our society in a proper respectable manner.

Fred was naive when he first acquired his PBS kid’s show Mister Rogers Neighborhood. However upon becoming famous he saw the world in a far different light.  He realized the forces of supernatural evil were very real, and actually physical rather than just spiritually metaphysical.  He first encountered the darkness directly when a vampire working for powerful plutocratic elites approached him on the PBS set, and tried to recruit him for the indoctrination of kids into what he called a New World Order.  He flatly refused, and the vampire attacked him later that night as he left work.  Unfortunately the vampire had no idea who he was dealing with!  Fred dispatched him with extreme prejudice!  However he did not actually kill him for Fred’s powers were so extensive that he didn’t have to resort to murder even if it was justified.  He sent the vampire off greatly weakened with a message to his masters to back off.  The plutocrats sent a supernatural hit squad after Fred but once again he easily deflected their feeble attack.  Mister Rogers then paid a friendly, yet firm, visit to a neighborhood where one of the plutocrat power players lived.  Fred made it clear he was the power in any neighborhood he dwells in! After that The Powers That Be never messed with Fred ever again!

From that day forth Fred led two distinct lives.  Mild mannered host of a children’s television show along with advocacy of various public causes by day.  By
night he valiantly fought the forces of supernatural darkness saving countless innocent lives.  In all his years of battling vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons, poltergeists, ghosts, dark practitioners of magic, miscellaneous paranormal beasts, rapid animals, and evil humans he never killed a single soul that wasn’t already dead to begin with.  He loathed violence, was remorseful he had to raise his hand to misguided individuals, and only used it as a last resort when his powers of persuasion failed to quell the dark forces into submission.  He used his intelligence, charisma, gentle demeanor, and negotiation skills as his first line of defense against the evils that infest the Earth.

Super RogersSince his Angel DNA wasn’t enough to make him a complete immortal he did age, and pass away eventually.  However he should have never got stomach cancer nor died at the age he did.  It seems he possessed remarkable healing powers that he would stealthy use.  Unfortunately he pushed those powers to the limit along with absorbing a great deal of dark energies in his quest for justice. This is what caused him age more quickly than he should of, and acquire cancer. He wisely kept his healing powers from the general public as it would have caused a frenzy, sent him to a government lab, and violated the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Of 33 AD.  He healed many people around the world. Most of the time without their knowledge. Especially children. We commend, and salute Fred Rogers on his valiant quest to bring spiritual light to our paranormal planet, and his sacrifice to protect the children who are the future of humankind.  God bless you Mr.Rogers, and may you reign supreme with the Holy Lord in the Heavens above!

This information was accumulated from the secret supernatural record quelled from paranormal contacts around the world that Fred Rogers dealt with in his battles against the forces of devastatingly dark damnation!

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7 thoughts on “Are The Rumors Of Fred Rogers Supernatural Powers True?

  1. Hello Xavier, This is so sweet! I should have known. I grew up watching him since I can remember. What a sweet man. Thanks for sharing this. I never knew. We need more men like him in this world. Doesn’t surprise me about the Illuminati trying to get him to corrupt the kids. I also grew up watching Mr. Edd 😉 The talking horse. My favorite cartoon when I was young.. The Flintstones. Then I also watched the hippo and frog costume. I forgot what it was called. lol As I grew older I loved Johnny Quest. Then Prince of Blaire … with Will Smith. What were your favorite shows growing up? 😉

    • We only recently learned about Fred Rogers Angelic powers, and his battles against the forces of paranormal evil. There were already mainstream stories of him lifting weights. Some would laugh because he didn’t look that strong but a handful of people witnessed him bench pressing upward of 500 pounds with ease. He was the just about the most gentle guy in the world but if you dared mess with him or innocent children he was seriously someone not to be trifled with.

      I’ve seen just about all those shows as well. I remember growing up watching Mr.Rogers, and Sesame Street. I enjoyed sci-fi shows such as Quantum Leap, and Star Trek: The Next Generation which me, and Drake still occasionally watch. Just the other day at lunch, and we had the a DVD playing in the cafeteria.

  2. Back then we didn’t have much to choose from.. 😉 Cartoons were only on weekends. If you missed em we’d have to wait another week. Our kids now have it made. I tried telling them we never had cartoon network. lol

  3. Hey’. Thinking back! I loved Tom & Jerry.. Bugs Bunny & Tweety. My favorite character was yo’semite sam. 😉 He reminded me so much of my red neck grandfather. Who would swear allot! My real young childhood I loved horses. So The Black Stallion was one of my favorites, Along side with Black beauty.. tear jerkers! 😉

    In the 80’sA I watched Quantum Leap allot! I still watch it on Netflix once in a while. Since I love time Travel types of movies. I don’t know why now….But I loved Kirk Cameron lol on Growing Pains. The things we liked then are not the same now.. at least that’s not the same. I was young.. 😉 So Mr. Roger was a super man. Well as close as one would get. Pretty amazing! Xavier you also mentioned to me earlier that you have some very strong abilities. You can lift heavy objects. Perhaps you are of Angelic Dna? I also still love Star Trek’.. Did you read Drake and my conversations about this? lol I told him I could be his Dattetta.. lol 😉

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