Plague Doctor Cultist Attack At Walmart

Plague Doctor CultistOn Friday, March 3, 2017 a mysterious woman walked into a Fountain, Colorado Walmart at 10 PM. After a bit of leisurely shopping she allegedly sprayed a store clerk, and six other Walmart employees in a nonchalant manner! The innocent victims began exhibiting symptoms such as nausea, and skin irritation. A number of employees ended up in the hospital as a result of this unfortunate incident. Police describe the suspect as a plus size woman in her 40’s at a height of at least 5′ 7″. The filthy fiend has light brown to blond hair. She wore a multicolored shirt, and dark pants.

Further paranormal investigation reveals this woman may work for the notorious Doctor Of Dark Disease himself. The Plague Doctor! There are indications she is a Plague Doctor Cult member whose low IQ made her easy prey for classic cult brainwashing. Certainly the act of spraying herself with the sinister substance, before leaving the store, indicates a perplexing programming, or a mental illness. It’s unknown if this was plausibly a sycophantic act to please the Plague Doctor who relishes in people’s sick suffering.

This odd event was either a right of passage for the cult member to advance to more important tasks, or a field experiment for a new viral formulation. Either way the victims appear to be responding to treatment. However who knows if whatever they were exposed to is lying dormant within them as apart of a longer experiment of evil. All we can hope for is that God has mercy on their eternal soul! So far Doctors haven’t identified the exact nature of the clearly toxic spray. The Plague Doctor, and his merry band of macabre disease progenitors remain at large always plotting to let loose a global pandemic!Plague Doctor Article


Plague Doctor Launches New Deadly Virus Unseen In Humans Before

The Plague DoctorA new virus never seen in humans before September 2012 has been linked to the diabolical denizen of diseases known as The Plague Doctor.  This SARS like disease is a Novel coronavirus called Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS), and has been linked to 149 confirmed cases with 63 fatalities.  The Plague Doctor has also been linked to the creation of the AIDS virus as well.  This most despicable of paranormal beings lives to bring misery upon humanity by violating his original Hippocratic oath by dedicating his life to unrelenting biological warfare.  The dark Doctor was last seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina in late September of 2013.