Atlantis And It’s Effect On Ancient History

12,000 years ago the lost continent of Atlantis was a highly advanced ancient civilization in the middle of the Atlantic ocean which suffered a great catastrophe resulting in it sinking beneath the sea. A disaster that may have been the result of a war between various Gods of the sea. Those of us in the paranormal community known that many of the citizens were transformed into Mermaids through a combination of magic, science, and alien DNA. This allowed them to escape death, and re-build Atlantis under the sea. The rest of the large populace either perished or escaped on the limited number of ships available. Evidence indicates that many ancient civilizations have common elements to them. Elements that might be explained by migrating Atlanteans sharing their knowledge with ancient pre-civilization cultures from around the world. Perhaps you’re descended from this great culture, and share a kinship with the Mermaids who swim about the Atlantic, and other oceans of the world.

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