Impersonate A Blood Sucker With Custom Vampire Fangs

The 66 Days & Nights Of Halloween: Day 11

As visions of ghoulishness dance about your imagination with the approach of Halloween at hand, you’re mind dreams of impersonating various supernatural entities.  Perhaps you yearn to be a vampire and Halloween is the perfect cover to bring your wishes at least superficially into reality.  Clearly the most important piece of vampire gear is of course the infamous blood sucking fangs.  We recommend Scarecrow Custom Vampire Fangs due to the many good reviews and the fact that they’ve been the number one best selling custom fangs since 1993.  The customizing kit allows you to form a mold of your teeth for a comfortable fit and realistic look.  The vampire fangs come in a unique coffin skull case pictured to the left that provides a unique vampirical keepsake.  Now you can lurk among the eternal supernatural shadows and scare all who believe with your fantastical fangs of fright.  Just be careful you don’t run into a real vampire because they take deep offense at living dead impersonators.  Click Here To Learn More Or Get Your Own Pair of vampire fangs now!

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I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of darkness.
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2 Responses to Impersonate A Blood Sucker With Custom Vampire Fangs

  1. Lady Zombie says:

    Why get cap fangs that don’t look realistic when for just $25 per tooth, you can have a Master Fangsmith make you a set of custom fangs! Check out Ali’s been making fangs for the subculture for over 12 years. If you’re not in the New York City area, he provides a mail order opportunity, too!

    • Xavier Remington says:

      Ah yes of course the best vampire fangs come from a well seasoned Master Fangsmith. Although many know not of these fine artisans and their dental wizardry. Some Fangsmiths actually work on real vampires whose fangs have become damaged by biting into beings more powerful than themselves. It doesn’t happen often but it’s a service vampires are thankful for since their razor sharp fangs are the only body part that doesn’t regenerate when damaged. When looking for a Fangsmith always make sure they are a Certified Master registered at the International Fangsmith Foundation. Don’t settle for a simple Fangsmith or a Fangsmith Apprentice. Their prices may be cheap but the quality of their dental craftsmanships blows big time!

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