Author Topic: How Many Varieties Of Mermaids Are There?  (Read 6828 times)

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How Many Varieties Of Mermaids Are There?
« on: February 07, 2013, 04:48:30 PM »
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The video above documents potential naturally evolved Mermaids as opposed to the supernatural variety that originated from the lost continent of Atlantis where humans with latent extraterritorial DNA utilized magic to become Mermaids.  The Atlantean Mermaids would rarely come into contact with anyone they didn't want to see.  This would especially include the US government.  The Mermaids in the video look nothing like our very own Rebecca Abernathy's Mermaid Relatives who look like strikingly beautiful humans from the waist up, and fish like from the waist down.  There is a naturally evolved Mermaid species from a planet in the Gliese 581 which is 20.3 light years from Earth.  Evidence indicates they had interactions with human in the early days of Atlantis, and contributed their DNA there.  The Mermaids in the videos could be those aliens, or perhaps the Gliese 581 Mermaids visited back when we were apes, and experimented with inserting their DNA to drive evolution in anther direction.  It seems far fetched that an ape would revert into a fish like creature in the same amount of time we evolved into full fledged humans.  We at Mystic Investigations have never run into the Mermaids mentioned in the video since they would be quite rare without the protections of magic, and special supernatural powers.

In addition to the previous Mermaids mentioned there are legends of albino ice Mermaids who evolved trapped in underground iced over lakes in Antarctica.  Their body is said to be a sickly white all over.  There are a few isolated sighting throughout history which could be those who escaped from the ice.
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How Many Varieties Of Mermaids Are There?
« on: February 07, 2013, 04:48:30 PM »


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