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Timeline Of Drake Alexander's Life

199481 BC The Demon Asakku ascends from the Hell dimension in non-corporeal form to somewhere in Ancient Europe during a Devilish ritual to completely possesses an unsuspecting male Neanderthal to the point of demonically altering his DNA.  He then mates with a Neanderthal witch, one of the first practitioners of magic, who called upon him.  They produce one of the earliest first generation vampires to exist.  Her name is simply Azura.  Eventually she travels with a group of vampires, and Neanderthals to a continent in the Pacific Ocean.  They are lead there by a messanger who tells the tale of the Reptilian Gods who have returned to Earth.  They are in fact a group of Dinosauroid astronauts from the Andromeda Galaxy who evolved on Earth during the age of dinosaurs but were forced to leave millions of years ago.  On Lemuria, aka Mu, an technologically advanced society evolves thanks to the Extraterrestrials who are actually terrestrials. 
68209 BC First Generation vampire Azura transforms male Neanderthal Zuzexxa into a second generation vampire on the lost continent of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean.
9988 BC Within hours of Zuzexxa coming ashore on Atlantis, another ancient advanced society like Lemuria, the lost Continent sinks into the Atlantic Ocean, and he brings the male Atlantean Meistïensos across the dark void into vampirehood making him a third generation vampire.  Meistïensos was a simple farmer who happened to be in the right place at the right time.
2285 BC Princess Enheduanna, future as well as High Priestess of the Moon god Nanna, is born as a human into Akkadian royalty within the Sumerian city-state of Ur.

2250 BC

Meistïensos makes histories Akkadian Princess Enheduanna a member of the nocturnal living dead.  She becomes a fourth generation vampire.  She brought a number of vampires into the eternal fold over the ages before finding Drake Alexander.  In modern times she will go mostly by the name Duanna Sargon.
25 AD Drake travels back in time with the aid of Time Traveler Michael Remington, and meets Jesus Christ.

"Jesus is real. In fact I met him when I traveled back in time once. He taught me carpentry. I sensed his immense power, and was able to remain in full sunlight within his presence. In fact his touch turned me into a human. However when I returned to my own time I was a vampire again. He told me I had a plethora of good works to perform in my vampirical form. He didn’t specifically say it but many of us deep in the supernatural community know that he is the son of the Omniversal God, aka the Omniverse itself. The Omniverse is a collection of several parallel Multiverses. Multiverses are a collection of several parallel Universes. The entire Universe or everything there is would be the Macroverse or the entire mind of the one original God who always existed. The first thing to ever exist in all of reality. We don’t know much about him but the Macroverse is made up of near infinite Omniverses. Most of which are Gods who were former biological beings who ascended to Godhood after death. So Jesus is the most powerful Demigod in the Omniverse. Certainly far more powerful than common demigods who came from the Earthly Gods of the Greeks, Romans, Pagans, etc."

March 15, 1270 AD Drake Alexander born in the Highlands of Scotland as a human to parents who are Surfs under the rule of Feudal Lords.
1270's-1280's "Growing up in the 1270′s, and 80′s was no picnic but at least I was treated decently by my family for the most part. My parents got over the hair color change after some years. I spent most of my early childhood with my mother doing chores around the farm while my father was away in the fields working all day and into the night. When he was home he got drunk a lot, and seemed angry all the time. Although as I entered my teens we spent more time together as I began working the fields with him, and going on hunts occasionally. I finally realized his anger stemmed from being a humiliated surf. Our feudal Lord was a particularly sadistic bastard who propped up his ego by harassing his serfs. I remember one particular time when the Lord ordered my father to kneel before him, and wash his smelly feet. The entire time Lord McAllister just gave me this sinister smile. I used to secretly call him the Bastard McAllister. I wanted to beat the hell out of him so bad but I knew he’d kill our entire family if I did. My dad was never the same after being demeaned in front of me."
1286 "When I was about 16 my father was found dead from an apparent sword wound. I suspected the Bastard. Especially when he was off in the distance snickering at my Father’s funeral. I wanted to kill him but I had my mother to worry about. Now I had to support her, and work the land for our survival. However after a particularly brutal day Bastard McAllister commanded me to bow before him, and wash his filthy feet. I told him to go to hell. He then approached me with his sword drawn while his two henchmen stood their ground.

He was a Knight of the King so I knew he was a master of swordsmanship as he held the sword at my throat, and once again demanded I bow down to him. I decided then, and there I’d rather die. I hoped the other serfs would care for my mother. He then swung his sword back ready to chop my head off when all the sudden the skies grew black with thick clouds almost instantly. A gale force wind raged, and distracted the Bastard. I then swung my Scythe at full force, and chopped his head off. His henchmen were shocked but quickly snapped out of it. I knew they had to die or I wouldn’t get away with what I’d done. One raise his sword, and was struck by lightening. He dropped dead. The other henchmen had seen enough, and he ran away screaming I was the spawn of evil. I chased him into the forest, and a tree ended up falling on him finishing him off as well. The storm then disappeared as quickly as it appeared. To this day I have no idea what happened but it clearly was magic of some type. Someone was watching out for me. I’ve never been able to figure out who it was. I still have the Bastards sword hanging on the wall in my den."
April 27, 1296 Wounded in the Battle Of Dunbar in Scotland.
September 10, 1297 Drake meets Enheduanna for the first time in a Scottish pub on the eve of war.
September 11, 1297 Drake dies in the famous Battle Of Stirling Bridge fighting along side William "Braveheart" Wallace who was a friend of his. 

" When Duanna first spotted me in a Scottish pub the night before my first death at the Battle Of Stirling Bridge she was instantly drawn to me, and told me I was most likely her security guard, and friend she visited her friend Cleopatra in 41 BC. I have one trace memory of dining with Duanna, Cleopatra, and Mark Antony in Alexandria, Egypt. If she’d brought me across then Drake Alexander wouldn’t exist. Then again who we are in this life is but a infinitesimal piece of our soul which is our real complete self. She told me we didn’t know each other for too long because shortly after that dinner I was slain by an assassin after Duanna. I wasn’t even aware she was a vampire when I jumped in between her, and the sword blade. She relayed to me that her allegiance to the Sumerian Moon God Nanna angered the Egyptian Sun God Ra. However she had been planning to make love to me for the first time that night after the dinner under the Egyptian Moon. During that magical night that never happened she was to reveal her immortal living dead status to me. She lives to reveal herself in that way to those she will bring across into her close inner circle. Duanna chose not to bring me across without me having some clue what was in store for me. She also knew our paths would cross again.

After spending hours talking in the Scottish tavern the night of September 10th, 1297 we ended up retiring to an inn down the road. We ended up making love as the Witching Hour was upon us, and her true identity as a vampire was revealed to me. Oddly enough I wasn’t shocked since I was deeply beguiled by her supernatural charm. She asked me if I would like to become a vampire, and I said no. However she then asked me if I should die in battle that morning would I want to live forever. I agreed but never thought I’d parish. I managed to get a few hours of sleep later in the morning as dawn approached. I marched upon the battlefield with my friend William “Braveheart” Wallace where I was one of the few who died. I was skewered by two swords, and fell into the River Forth where I remember looking up at the clouds, and sun as I floated down river barely alive while bleeding forth. I washed ashore in a wooded area, and looked up to see Duanna smiling down on me as the sun filtered through the trees around her. Apparently the tree cover was enough since she can withstand more sun than me as a fourth generation vampire. She was wearing a beautiful white dress, and a diamond studded tiara. She looked almost Angelic as she pulled me from the river, and carried me in her arms to a clearing. I’d certainly never been held by a woman in that way. It was the last thing you’d expect from a slender lady. There she told me I was about to leave this life but would be born again as an immortal vampire. She bit into my neck, and drained most of my blood away as I lost consciousness. As I lie dead she tore open her wrist, and let her blood flow into my mouth. As the re-animation process began Duanna buried me in a shallow grave nearby, and did not return again until the night of September 12th when I rose from my grave. She kissed me passionately, and then took my hand as we walked from the woods into the Moonlight. The rest is history!"

September 12, 1297 Drake Alexander rises from a grave re-born on Earth as a living dead fifth generation vampire.
1300's-1400's Traveled around the Earth with Duanna, his vampire mother, along with some vampire siblings learning about a world.  A world he never knew existed as a human. Drake acquired the knowledge of the ages, and learned what it is to be a vampire.
1348-1350 Drake, Duanna, and company travel through Black Death infested Europe looking for decent blood of healthy humans.  Along they way they utilize their blood to heal those they saw as deserving.  Naturally they were paid back in the humans blood.  Against Duanna's wishes Drake went off on his own due to a hunch about the true cause of the Black Plague.  He was later instrumental in stopping a cabal of Devil's worshipping Wizards from exterminating the Earth's populace via what we now know as the Bubonic Plague.
1666 He has an affair with a witch named Sabrina in London, England for almost a year.  He later saved her at the Salem Witch trail where he also took on a Witch Slayer.  Sabrina gained Immortality using Drake's blood in a powerful spell.
1830's-1860's "For many decades I helped slaves escape through the Underground Railroad. I partook of southern hospitality, and was the guest of many Plantation owners who had no clue I was plotting to help their slaves escape. When the Civil War broke out I joined the Union Army, despite the destruction of State’s rights that lives on today. I was almost killed when President Abe Lincoln, a secret vampire hunter, discovered my true identity. We engaged in an epic battle. That big bearded bastard was a master of ax wielding. He couldn’t accept that I was good, and his mission was to eradicate all vampires from the Earth. However he had never come up against a 5th generation vampire, and I over powered him. He thought he was dead but I spared him. I told him not all vampires are evil, and as a vampire slayer he had a responsibly to make a judgment before trying to stake or behead one of us. I then gave him some secret Confederate plans I had stolen which turned the tide of the war before leaving him. Some people say he became a vampire, and still walks among us.

The Civil War was a vampire blood fest. Vampires from around the world converged on the battlefield strewn with fallen soldiers after dusk Vampires however only preyed on the ones still barely alive or freshly dead. I fell prey to my blood lust, and joined in taking advantage of the raw carnage. I eventually became disgusted, and disenchanted by the experience. That’s when I headed west."
Summer 1861 Served as soldier in Union army, and was deep behind enemy lines in South Carolina with fellow soldier Jack.  Southern belle Diana hid both in her storm cellar.  Eventually couple got married, and moved out west to Colorado. At some point, by their request, Drake turned them into vampires.  Both turned out to be good, and the couple is still married to this day.
Winter 1865-1866 Drake saves a Native American tribe from a mob in Wisconsin.  They call him the great white spirit protector. He stays with them for some time, and then saves them from a Wendigo attack.  Unfortunately the Wendigo blood poisoned him, and he went into a mindless uncontrollable rage killing much of the tribe.  He still holds deep sorrow for this accidental atrocity to this day despite the remaining tribe members forgiving him along with the spirits of the dead as well.  Before taking his leave in spring after keeping the Indians fed through the winter he turned one member of the tribe into a vampire at their request.  Vampire vs Wendigo
Late 1860's-1890's "I was in a number of gun fights in the old west. I had to be creative because of the insistence that the shoot outs be at high noon. I remember once I had a giant tarp hanged between two buildings just so I could stand underneath it. I told people it was to catch drinking water during a drought just in case it rained. I did get pretty good at slinging the guns around, and doing tricks. Naturally I was the fastest gun in the west…well except that time I went up against another vampire cowboy. Our guns were loaded with silver bullets which can be lethal to a vampire if it enters the heart. As you know silver bullets are more known for causing death in Werewolves since a bullet penetration anywhere will kill them.

Our vampire gun fight took place at Midnight under a full moon. We stood four times as far away from each other as a normal gun fight due to our amazing eye sight, and accuracy. When we shot our bullets ended up meeting half way, and bouncing off each other. It then turned into a physical fight to the death. I emerged victorious as my adversary burst into unholy flames, and lie in ashes as I hopped on my horse and rode away into the dark horizon.

I still occasionally take out my old leather gun belt still holding my six shooter loaded with silver bullets. I put on the belt, and my tattered dusty gray cowboy hat. It used to be white. Sometimes I shoot cans or match sticks in my backyard, or go our into the Mystical Forest and wait for evil creatures to attack me.

I remember that time I was a Sheriff in the old west, and my only uniform was the tin star. The ladies seemed enamored with just that alone. The citizens were very understanding about my rare “sun allergy”. It was amazing they didn’t suspect I was a vampire…well until later when one scared little man exposed me. So I patrolled the town at night, and my Deputy was on call during the day. Of course there were times I had to make daytime appearances. I had to be real creative to make that work.

The town made me their Sheriff when I saved the town from a Werewolf pack attack which turned out to be local Native Americans wanting revenge for atrocities committed by the Union army. The towns people had no control over what the army did but the Indians were hell bent on killing everyone in the town, and reclaiming what they considered to be ancestral land. I couldn’t blame them but I couldn’t let them kill innocent men, and women. The tribe vowed to kill no children, and they said they’d adopt them as their own. I tried to be civil with them but they were rage filled. I was forced to kill the pack leader which technically made me the Alpha Male despite not being a Werewolf. This still didn’t quell their anger so I re-directed their anger to the army which was stationed in the next county over, and I agreed to exact revenge with them. This particular platoon was notorious for committing atrocities on Native Americans, and I had no moral issues with taking down these blood thirsty thugs on a power trip. The Werewolf tribe felt satisfied, and agreed to leave the towns folk in peace."

1901 "I remember the good old days at the turn of the century when there was virtually no speed limits. Those were the carefree times when the wind soared through my hair as I barreled down the rural roadways of America at 20 mph in my 1901 Oldsmobile Curved Dash. I made the mistake of traveling to Connecticut where they passed the first speed limit law in 1901. I was pulled over for speeding in New Haven which had a speed of 12 mph. I haven’t a clue how the officer even knew I was speeding. It’s not like he had a radar gun. He sure didn’t know I was going 17 mph but he was sure I was going over 12. He was screaming at me to pull over from his horse. He ties the animal to my back tire, and writes me a ticket for $2.00. The equivalent of $25.00 today. This bastard was really laying into me about safety, and dawn was about to approach. I needed to get back to my hotel before the sun rose but this policeman on a power trip wouldn’t let me go. He was clearly jealous of my $650 dream mobile which he could never afford. When he finally walked away he stepped right into a pile of horse manure. I laughed out loud as I shot away at 13 mph. I heard him yell," Why you!” I made it to the hotel as the rays of the morning sun hit me. I started to smoke as I met the valet at the front door. I quickly pulled out a cigarette as a cover story. That brush with the law is what first got me interested in going into the legal profession. I realized later on he had no right to detain me for so long. I was free to go but I had no idea the public servant was violating my Constitutional rights."
1914-1918 Fought in World War I
1932 Gains an American law degree to help out the poor during the Great Depression.
1940-1945 Fought in WW II in both the European, and Pacific arenas taking on the Nazi Germans, and Japanese.  He even came close to taking down Hitler until he realized he was possessed by a powerful Archdemon vying to be the Anti-Christ.
April 1949 Moved to Woodland Springs due to the amazing level of paranormal activity, and bought a secluded piece of land in the Mystical Forest.  Drake lives at the Woodland Springs Lodge until his home is built.  He also take down any forces of evil he runs across.
December 11, 1952 Drake moves into his completed Alexander Manor, aka Drake's Lair.
1969 In Vietnam during the war saving lives as a Red Cross worker.  Saved a number of POW's, and villages of innocent people.
Late 1970's "For some reason this reminds me of a Saint Louis, Missouri woman, named Gloria, who I dated in the 1970′s. She was a single mom, and I spent a lot of time with her, and her son Percy. Although he was a small boy, and not any trouble, it was the last time I was sort of a father. He reappeared in recent years as my enemy trying to expose me to the world as a vampire. He also wishes me dead. He thinks I killed his mother but she was already dead when I found her. However I selfishly turned her into a vampire, and it made her evil. She abandoned him, and appeared to him in later years claiming to be a ghost with plans to use him against me. She blames me for her dark condition. I feel guilty about the whole thing."
1977 After seeing the movie "Saturday Night Fever"  Drake puts on a cheesy white suit, and hits the hottest Discos of the time.  One night he catches a glimpse of himself dancing in a mirror, and becomes embarrassed.  He never partakes of disco dancing again.  However he does do the classical dances at swanky social clubs.
1980 Disgusted with the malaise days of a Jimmy Carter Drake makes a sizable donation to Ronald Reagan's Presidential campaign.  While Jimmy was on the campaign trail Drake had an opportunity to talk with Jimmy, and he said, "You sir are a failure!"  Later he met Ronald Reagan at a fund raising event but the meeting was cut short when members of  the Paranormal Defense Agency (PDA) detected Drake was a vampire.  Thankfully Drake used the alias Alexander Drakington for his donations, and invitations so his escape was clean!
1984 "The only time I’ve been in a Chucky Cheese was that time back in the 1980′s when I was tracking a rabid serial killing Super Moon Werewolf, and it crashed through the front door of the restaurant. He seemed confused by the animatronic Chucky but then he began eating pizza out of a garbage can. I tackled him, and we ended up wresting in the pit of colored balls before I was forced to snap his neck, and drive my silver dagger into his murderous heart. On that night no kid wanted to be a kid at Chucky Cheeses."
1996 Saved Mystic Investigations team member Psychic Julia Hathaway as a teenager from a vampire named Damon.  His vampire brother sired by his vampire mother Duanna Sargon.  Duanna sent out a psychic message to all her creations to eradicate Damon for his out of control savagery.  Drake found him about to kill the teen Julia, and he dispatched him with extreme prejudice.  Years later he asks Julia to join Mystic Investigations.
July 2003 Hunting Necromancer in Miami, FL.  Helps out woman in distress.
January 2008 Drake travels back in time to 25 AD, and meets Jesus Christ after meeting Time Traveler Michael Remington.
March 2009 Drake officially merges Alexander Legal  Investigations, Inc. (a firm offering both legal, and investigative services)  with Mystic Investigations, a supernatural investigations firm, as it opens for business in Woodland Springs, Colorado.
July 2009 "I’ve pushed my Aston Martin to 190 mph. It goes 0 to 62 in 4.3 seconds. That reminds of that time I totaled it when I crashed into a giant tree at 140 mph. A wizard popped up in my back seat while I was driving, and paralyzed me with magic as his mission was to take me hostage for an evil billionaire who apparently wanted to cage me in his private zoo. It took all my will power to move my foot so I could floor it. As I did I asked the Wizard if he liked trees. He just said," What!” Then he screamed as we hit the tree. He went flying into the front seat, and right out the windshield. I wasn’t wearing a seat belt so I went flying out as well past the deployed air bag. I blasted into the thick tree trunk head first. I got up after 20 second as my head wounds healed. I wiped the blood from my brow, and laughed at the dead Wizard as I said," You okay there pal?” The billionaire made a number of other attempting including sending some vampire slayers after me but eventually me, and the Mystic Investigations gang paid him a visit. He ended up mysteriously disappearing but really he now resides on a chain gang in the Amazon warriors village hidden deep in the Amazon Rain Forest."
May 2010 "If I want to get somewhere really fast I generally run since it’s faster than driving a car at top speed. However in daylight I’m confined to my car with special holy glass to filter out the deadly ray of the holy sun. I was speeding at over 100 mph in my silver Aston Martin V12 Vanquish when the Woodland Springs police pulled me over. I was hoping it was the Sheriff because we’re friends, and he knows the mission Mystic Investigations is on. The police on the other hand are under the supervision of a complete ass of police chief. The officer was seriously angry as he drew his pistol, and told me to exit the car. I refused, and told him I was on a mission that could be a matter of life, and death through the window opened a crack. He somehow took that as a threat, and called for back-up. He then tried to break the window with his night stick but he hurt himself because it’s bullet proof glass. He then starts screaming in a deranged manner as he pulls out his gun, and starts firing on the my drivers side window. The bullets bounced off, and he takes a few slugs in his chest along with one in the head. Now I’ve got a real situation here so I cover myself in trench coat, and get out of the car as he lies dead on the pavement from a self-inflicted wounds.

As smoke rises from all over my skin I bite in to my wrist, and let my blood flow upon his wounds, and into his mouth. My intention was to heal him since he must loose most of his blood to transform into a vampire. His human healing mechanism accepted my vampire blood, and he began healing as sirens could be heard in the distance. I quickly ran back to his police cruiser, and punch my fist through the dash to collect the digital recorder in his dash cam. I crushed it, and run back to my car as my hands burst into flames. Seriously you haven’t felt pain until you spontaneously combust. Once back in my car I beat my hands on the seat to put the flames out, and raced away to continue my mission. The next day I head to the hospital where I find out that the officer has amnesia. Just in case he recovered the memory of our traffic stop I visited him disguised as a doctor, and used my hypnotic powers on him. I resurrected the memory, and then delete it from his mind. He made a miraculous recovery within two days, and the doctors were amazed. He quit the force, and joined some religious cult. I guess he found God through his so called “miracle”. He now lives on a commune where he, and his cult members live off the land in peace, and harmony. I felt guilty so I anonymously donated money to him but he just gave it away to the cult."
August 2010 Friday The 13th Poltergeist.
September 2010 He bags a Gnome at the Mystic Investigation picnic by Luminary Lake.  Drake enjoys the rest of the day in the sun rather than lurking the protective shadows.
October 2010 He battles Blood Moon Werewolves.
November 2010 Drake takes on small town corruption in Pangea, Utah.
November 2010 Nearly exposed as a vampire at the Para-Con Paranormal Investigators Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada by Percy, a sort of step-son to him.
December 2010 He helps Xavier Remington take on some deranged Lumberjacks.
December 2010 Drake battles zombies in Woodland Springs.
January 2011 He deals with Percy, a sort of step-son, who blames Drake for his mother's death.
February 2011 Drake aids in the return of the kidnapped Rebecca Abernathy.
March 2011 He takes down the Starlight Strangler Serial Killer.
March 2011 He takes on the Starlight Specter.
March 2011 He saves the life of a Leprechaun who in return grants him eternal good luck on every St.Patrick's Day.  This means Drake can walk in the sunlight on that day, and will not burst in to unholy flames.
March 2011 A trio of thugs armed with machine guns attempt to rob people attending a party at Mystic Investigations headquarters.  Drake aids in thwarting their nefarious plans.
April 2011 "The April Fool paid me a visit as well in 2011, and I woke up in a Minneapolis mattress store on a bed totally naked. Women were standing around smiling while the men seemed disgusted or maybe jealous. I got up as more people crowed around me, and woman suddenly wrote her number on my arm. The police came in, and attempted to arrest me for indecent exposure but I flung both of them across the store. I then ran straight through the glass doors causing them to shatter as ran into the burning sun. I quickly made it into the woods nearby, and burrowed into the ground where I spent the day in the dirt. As it got dark I walked I came out of the woods in a different spot, and saw a biker bar. I walked in still naked, and told a biker guy that I would need his shirt, pants, boots, and motorcycle keys. He laughed, and attacked me with his pool cue but I threw him into a jukebox, and Glenn Fry’s “The Heat Is On” began to play. Most of the guys in the tavern then converged on me, and a full on bar brawl broke out. After about 5 minutes it was over, and I took the mans clothing for myself. I then revved up his motorcycle, and roared away into the night. All the sudden at the stroke of Midnight I teleported back into my bed still wearing the leather biker outfit. I guess the motorcycle kept on rolling down the road."
April 2011 Drake takes on evil Grey aliens, and ends up destroying their space vessel along with himself.  He reanimates with amnesia, and a funeral is held for him.  The team at Mystic Investigations meets his vampire mother Duanna for the first time.
August 2011 Vampire Bloodsport
November 2011 Helps find the kidnapped Julia Hathaway.
December 2011 Drake deals with the Anti-Claus.
January 2012 Friday The 13th Demon Specter.
April 2012 Investigates, and aids in Colorado wildfire relief which was caused by a Phoenix Firebird.
May 2012 Flies to Switzerland to deal with a trio of low level Illuminati Billionaires messing with his finances.
 May 2012 Drake investigates mysterious paranormal animal attacks in Karavoor, India.  Meets the evil Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo for the first time.
June 2012 Drake battles the diabolical Dimitri Diablo, Sorcerer of pure evil, at an Illuminati Conference in Chantilly, VA.  He temporarily acquires powers of witchcraft to take on the quintessence of evil.  Diablo becomes the King Of Hell ousting the Devil himself to the Jinn realm.
July 2012 Drake, and the Mystic Investigations team travel to the Underworld, and then into the very bowels of Hell itself to save Rebecca Abernathy's Mermaid cousin.  She was kidnapped by the new King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo.  While in Hell Drake temporarily transforms into a full Demon.
August 6, 2012 Daring Daylight Attack by Dimitri Diablo henchmen.  Diablo was ousted into the Underworld, and the Devil is back in command of Hell.
August 2012 Drake becomes helplessly human for a short period of time in New Orleans due to his first exposure to a true Blue Moon.  There he battles werewolves, zombies, and a Voodoo Priestess.
September 2012 He vacations in the Bahamas, and captures a Caribbean Gnome so he can sun on the beach.  Swam out to sea, and talked with a group of giggling Mermaids.
September 2012 Alexander Manor is infested with zombie mice by a malicious practitioner of magic.  Most likely a student at the Colorado College Of Paranormal Studies where Drake is a Professor Of Vampirology.

October 13, 2012

Drake approves this timeline as a work in progress
December 21, 2012 Future Vision:  Psychic Julia Hathaway had a vision of Drake placing a mystical sword into a stone at the South Pole.

Drake inadvertently ran across a psychic at a carnival many years ago who was giving people the standard readings but she was shocked when she read Drake.  She sensed his amazing power but didn't know he was a vampire.  She claimed to have a vision of him "racing among the stars".  She also mentioned she saw no end to his existence.  It's unknown if she was a real psychic or not.

Words in Italics quotes are the words of Drake Alexander himself.



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