Alexander Manor

The Residence Of The Vampire Drake Alexander
1 Alexander Parkway
Woodland Springs, Colorado  81777

The manor, sometimes called "Drake's Lair" lies in the heart of the The Mystical Forest.  Drake bought the land when he moved to Woodland Springs in 1949.  He in fact bought the land from the Griggs Family who founded the town in 1861.  He began construction immediately, and his home was completed on December 11, 1952.  His home is the lone residence on Alexander Parkway, which is named after him.  His connections with the Griggs Family coupled with there being no official street where he built his home made this possible.  The only paved road into the Mystical Forest, Mystical Road, ends at Settlers Bridge.  At the other end of the bridge there's a thinner crushed stone road called Timberline Trail which veers off into the forest.  If you continue straight you go on to a dirt road.  The dirt road and Drake's long cobblestone driveway is considered Alexander Parkway.  Few people venture out this far due to local lore speaks of Settlers Bridge being haunted along with the various tales of paranormal activity deep in the Mystical Forest.  Besides his Mystic friends Drake is only visited by the occasional lost hiker, high school kids trying to scare each other, and the postal delivery man.  Apparently they complain that their GPS goes haywire as they get closer to the center of the forest.

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