Is Santa Claus Real?

Yes Santa Claus is indeed real, and a powerful paranormal being at that.  His father was an Angel, and his mother as a human.  The union was blessed by the Archangel hierarchy, and resulted in the birth of twin boys in the 3rd Century AD.  One of them was Santa, and the other Claude aka the nefarious Anti-Claus.  How Claude became evil will be a subject of a future article.  Santa is in fact an Immortal or a Demi-Angel which is the source of his power.   However they say Santa’s soul was already beyond pure, and his mother was rumored to have descended from Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ.  This coupled with his grasp of the good magics allowed him to amass more power than any other Immortal in existence.  Power he used to create Christmas, and make it a magical day on which the forces of good are marshaled in an effort to repel the forces of evil after their build up on Halloween.  It’s Christmas that retards their continued evil growth, and eventual domination of our beloved planet.

These forces of good are marshaled with the magic of childhood innocence through the giving of toys.  The excitement of receiving gifts enlivens the collective consciousness of the children of Earth while at the same time garnering goodwill among adult humankind as they selflessly give to the kids, and to others as well.  In the early days Santa Claus did deliver to all the good little boys, and girls within Europe, and the Middle East.  However some parents took offense, and Santa knew the Earth’s populace would grow too big for even him to deliver to every good child.  So he, and his helpers worked to spread the legend, and have the parents make, or buy the gifts which they would then leave under the Christmas tree in the name of Santa. 

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