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Is Frosty The Snowman Real?

Yes, indeed the most legendary Snowman of all time is real! Now, of course, Frosty The Snowman is of no relation to the ferocious Abominable Snowmen, aka Yeti, that instills terror into the hearts of children, and adults alike.  Frosty, … Continue reading

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Who Is Jack Frost?

Jack Frost, sometimes called Old Man Winter, and even Father Winter is the literal original personification of Winter on Earth.  This makes him the Chief Winter God, and Grand Master Of Cryokinesis on Earth. He was worshiped as a God … Continue reading

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What Did Santa Claus Do On Halloween?

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Santa about his Halloween exploits, and his plans for the Christmas holiday.  Santa Claus, his family, and his elves do celebrate Halloween.  Santa acknowledges the magical forces of good marshaling the innocent … Continue reading

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Will Santa Claus Deliver Presents If I’m Awake?

Does Santa deliver to households where everyone is awake all night long?  Mostly no.  Not unless you’ve previously met him, or have been granted the honor to observe Saint Nicholas in action. For him to allow this he must see something special … Continue reading

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