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The Classic Christmas Cartoons Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

The story of Santa’s reindeer outcast who eventually became the leader of the flying reindeers. Rudolph is infamous for saving Christmas and earning the respect of his peers.

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How Can I Become One Of Santa’s Elves?

In order to become one of Santa Claus’s Elves you must maintain an innocent child like state yet also be extremely intelligent. 100% without a shadow of a doubt you have to believe Santa is real. The Spirit Of Christmas … Continue reading

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Paranormal Society Ranks Santa Claus Number One In Holy Water

The Paranormal Society Of North America partook of some extensive supernatural testing over the last five years. Their final analysis indicates that Santa Claus aka St.Nicholas creates the most powerful holy water on Earth.  Holy Water is water blessed by … Continue reading

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Who Is Jack Frost?

Jack Frost, sometimes called Old Man Winter, and even Father Winter, is the literal original personification of Winter on Earth.  This makes him the Chief Winter God, and Grand Master Of Cryokinesis on Earth, who was worshiped as such by … Continue reading

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