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The Brilliant Glowing Eyes Of Vampires

Vampiress In Deep Passion Rage With Eyes Glowing RedVampires eyes will exhibit a neon glow that is in line with their eye color at will or in times of lust.  A neon yellow color, sometimes with a hint of a light neon green hue, occurs while hunting prey or in times of anger.  In lesser states of emotion neon green is sometimes exhibited.  Neon red eyes are exhibited in times of extreme rage.  The eyes may also be a deep crimson after a major blood binge.  First generationThe Finest Vampire Fangs To Enter The World Of The Living Dead! vampires are known to exhibit a glowing neon violet hue reminiscent of a black light which is also the color of unholy flames.  Eyes that are totally black, including the whites, is a demon possession.  Although demons don't normal posses vampires there are those given the honor of being vessels for a non-corporeal demon.  In addition eye color may change to just about any color depending on the type of blood being consumed.

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