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Mystic Investigations Team Member Profile: Dr. Ashley Abercrombie

Code Name: Zombie Girl
Corporate Title: CCO (Chief Cryptozoology Officer), Shareholder 2%
Profession Title: Cryptozoologist
Supernatural ID: Human-Zombie Hybrid
Areas Of Expertise: Cryptozoology, Zombology (Zombies), and other paranormal creatures. Biology, and botany including Cryptobotany.  Ashley received her doctorate in Cryptozoology along with her Masters in Necrology, and Zombology at UHU.  Underground Harvard University which is a shadow college of the infamous Harvard University of Cambridge, MA. The secret paranormal university is located below the buildings of Harvard in sub-basements connected through secret tunnels. She also attended mainstream biology, and medical classes above ground.
Lineage: Her fascination with zombies derives from the fact that her father was a zombie while her mother was human..
Powers: Slightly enhanced strength due to being part zombie.  She can halt her heart muscle and lungs to fake being dead for short periods of time.  Has enhanced smell like zombies as well.  Only sleeps 3-4 hours a night.  She may also be immortal since she has been killed and self-resurrected.  Although her wounds heal slower than the average human and she still appears to age.  She may in fact live to be well into her hundreds and her body will just decay gradually until nothing is left of her or her brain can no longer function.  She fears degrading into a full zombie in her golden years.
Age: 31
Biography: Ashley became exposed to the world of the paranormal even before she was born.  Her father Randall Abercrombie worked the graveyard shift at the local cemetery.  One fateful night while digging fresh graves a powerful Warlock was nearby unaware of his presence.  He was reciting sinister incantations in an effort to transform some of the fresher corpses in to a zombie army.  The Warlock was successful and zombies began to rise from their graves around Randall.   He was beyond shocked as he spotted a horrific decaying figure clawing his way out of the ground nearby.  So shocked in fact that he didn't notice the already risen zombie behind him.  The zombie bit Randall on the shoulder which caused him to run screaming into the cold dark night.  He tripped on a tree trunk and fell down a ravine hitting his head on a rock. 

He awoke with partial amnesia and could not remember anything that happened that night.  A police officer found him wandering on the side of the road and took him to the emergency room where he was treated for his head wound, and a bite on his shoulder.  His wife Susan Abercrombie picked him up and they went home.  As they made love at the crack of dawn neither was aware that Randall was infected by the supernatural zombie virus which had fully infected and altered his DNA.  Susan became impregnated with this DNA and as they both slept Randall died next to her yet remained alive at the same time for he was now unknowingly a member of the living dead.  His heart had stopped beating, his lungs halted drawing in air, and his cells were slowly decaying. He returned to the hospital when his head wound showed no signs of healing what so ever.  The Doctors were stumped but Randall returned later looking literally dead with signs of decay on his skin.  His intelligence, cognizance, and motor skills were seriously impaired as well.  He was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Necrotizing fasciitis aka flesh eating disease.  Although this case was a mystery since no flesh eating bacteria could be found anywhere in or on his body.  The CDC was eventually called in and they quarantined Randall in the basement of the hospital as he started to go on a rabid rampage biting a nurse.  The CDC computer record of the disease triggered an alert to a top secret black ops division of the US Department Of Defense that deals with paranormal activity known as the PDA (Paranormal Defense Agency).  They knew Randall was a zombie and quietly kidnapped him in the middle of the night.  The nurse he bit disappeared as well.   The PDA's black unmarked van sped away with him and he was locked away at a top secret underground government facility somewhere near Washington DC.   Rumor suggests that President Ronald Reagan actually observed Randall in his violent zombie state within a reinforced bullet proof glass cell.  Susan never saw her husband ever again and had no idea what happened to him.  Ashley was born a healthy normal child yet no one knew of her half-zombie DNA.

As a child there were a number of times her heart stopped but she didn't die.  It scared her at first but later she learned to control it and fake being dead.  Her mother had heard rumors from her constant investigations into what happened to her husband.   She also heard talk about a zombie uprising at the local graveyard.  Ashley eventually became a Cryptozoologist for this reason and tested her own DNA to verify there was in fact zombie traits.  Somehow the zombie virus was stabilized as she grew in her mother's womb.  To this day she still tries to unlock the secrets of her DNA in an effort to create a vaccine for the supernatural form of the zombie virus.  She also hopes that her father is somehow still intact since she feels that there's a chance the government may have frozen her father for further study.  Her dream is to find him someday and have a cure to bring him back to the human side or at least make him a stable hybrid like Ashley seems to be.  For now she fights the good fight against the nefarious forces of evil that infest the very bowels of this planet.

She recently started dating a Werewolf named Seth Morgan who locks himself in the basement of Mystic Investigations on full Moons to protect the public from his violent wolf man transformations.

Residence: 1313 Cemetery Hill Road, Woodland Springs, Colorado  81777
Vehicle: 2006 Red Volkswagen Beetle
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